October Newsletter 2012

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Well, the hot Indian summer weather we were expecting hasn't exactly panned out, but the sunny crisp fall climate is great for outdoor fitness. If your summer resolution to get fit didn't quite happen, don't despair, there's still time this autumn to make those goals a reality. Try oral products from GliSODin® like their detox and weight loss formulas to shed those last few pounds. They're also great for giving your skin that "GliSODin Glow." Ask our staff about what these natural nutrient-based programs can do for you.

Many thanks to our Oakville plastic surgery patients, as once again this year, Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic won the Gold award for best cosmetic surgery clinic among Oakville Beaver readers. And Dr. Weinberg has once again been in the media spotlight, having been quoted in Elevate Magazine's fall edition on the subject of breast augmentation and breast lift.

October Promotion

October Newsletter ModelReduce irregular, uneven skin pigmentation with the fabulous Spot Peel by DermaCeutic. This peel formula is specially designed to reduce a host of excessive pigment problems including post inflammatory pigment resulting from acne and other skin injury. Your treatment includes not only an in-office chemical peel, but also an 8 hour mask and an 8 week aftercare program of powerful yet gentle products. The aftercare program is the secret of the Spot Peel's success, as it prevents tyrosinase activity, the enzyme responsible for melanin production, over many weeks and continues the pigment fading process. Regularly $800, this month ONLY $550! See the flyer at the end of the newsletter for more details.

Hot Trends This Fall

Body Contouring

With skinny jeans and "bandage" dresses on every runway and magazine cover, liposuction is anticipated to be the number one cosmetic surgical procedure this fall, followed closely by tummy tuck. We've seen a definite upswing in their popularity for months, and with the new form-fitting fashions this season, we've already seen another big bump in September alone. For those not up for a surgical procedure, non-invasive fat reduction treatments like Liposonix ultrasound therapy are also peaking interest. With no incision and no downtime, Liposonix is increasingly being used by patients who are fit and at their desired weight, but have that little bulge on the tummy, love handles, or thighs that they just can't get rid of.

ZO from Dr. Obaji

The ZO skin care line, the latest from Dr. Obaji, was released here only a few months ago yet has already become one of the leading skin care lines in Canada. We've learned a lot about ZO since it was first introduced, which is important for our patients as it's very potent and not for every skin type. However, in the right individual the results achieved with this intensive retinol-based line can be spectacular. Come in and check out the soon-to-arrive new ZO kits, complete with very attractive pricing!

Lips with Enhanced "Cupid's Bow"

Lip augmentation with fillers has been popular for ages and is wonderful way to turn up the wattage in any smile. These days, fullness specifically in the centre of the upper lip to enhance the natural central "bow" or create more of a bow in those with straighter lips, is very popular. Although women over 40 tend to favor a more conservative enhancement, slight added fullness in the bow can look very youthful. JUVÉDERM® has been the preferred product for lip augmentation for some time, but individuals who favor the Restylane® family of products can try Restylane Fine Lines® with Lidocaine, another option for a soft, supple feeling lip. (Manufacturers of Restylane are also offering a $5000 Injectable makeover this fall through Cityline - see

"Lifting" with Fillers

We've all been talking for ages about the fact that faces lose volume as they age, and therefore restoring volume can bring back youthful vitality to one's appearance. More and more lately, fillers are being used to "lift" in addition to re-volumize faces. Lifting involves use of the thickest of the hyaluronic products, so we refer to the "Perlane® Uplift." Product is placed high in the cheek and temple and improves the appearance of laxity in the lower face and jawline. The even more viscous JUVÉDERM® Voluma® also offers excellent, long lasting lifting potential. Other areas benefitted by lifting are the corners of the mouth, where filler helps to overcome the tendency for the mouth to turn down with age, and in the brow, where it can achieve a mini brow lift, secondarily opening up and widening the gaze and reducing the look of laxity in the lids. You'll certainly be hearing more and more about these effects, which taken together are being touted as the "liquid facelift."

Porcelain Skin

Flawless skin is always in style, and this season is no exception. Over the counter skin care lines are increasingly advertising ingredients designed to turn off pigment production and fade out existing brown spots, including compounds such as idebenone and hydroquinone that medical lines have advocated for years. For legal reasons they can't contain the same high percentages that in-clinic Obaji, Priori, SwissTEC™ and DermaCeutic products can, so you may need to visit us if over the counter products aren't effective on your skin. MD strength lines, only available through medical clinics, are also turning to novel anti-aging molecules like ferulic acid (also an excellent treatment for Rosacea), natural fruit acid sources like Bilberry and White Willow Bark, and various mushroom extracts. More than ever, you want to reduce signs of tanning and sun spots or other irregular pigmentation with good at-home skin treatments as well in-clinic de-pigmenting peels and other exfoliating treatments.

For more information about body contouring, lip augmentation, Liquid Facelift, or pigment reducing skin care and treatments like the Spot Peel, call 905-273-3045 (Mississauga) or 416-207-9090 (Toronto) or book a consultation.

October Specials

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