Popular Surgical Procedures in 2023

This time of year, we like to reflect on all that 2023 brought us, and to look ahead to all that is new and exciting in 2024. Our most popular surgical procedures continued to be Mommy Makeover and Liposuction this year. However, we saw greater customization of mommy makeover procedures in 2023. Mommy makeovers usually include tummy and breast procedures, but our patients have chosen a wide range of body contouring including both mini-tucks, liposuction of love handles and saddle bags, and other body lifting surgeries like arm and thigh lifts in combination surgeries that have revitalized their appearance and saved time and money in the process.

Top Injectables for 2023

In the world of injections, Belkyra made a surprise “comeback” in 2023. While it has always been an option for those who don’t like their double chin, we saw a resurgence of interest this year, many people wanting to combine it with BOTOX and filler to achieve jaw contouring, slimming and straightening.

Our Most Popular Aesthetic Procedures of 2023

And in aesthetic procedures, we saw increasing interest in Ultherapy®, not only for building collagen and tightening, but also for achieving a “rosy glow” before big events. Our other most popular skin procedure this year has been Microneedling for smoothing and perfecting complexion. Our microneedling offerings have grown throughout 2023, and now include an array of options including combination with a range of mesotherapies, and with platelet injections, and at a range of depths to customize the procedure from quick “pick me up” with no downtime, to more deeply corrective treatments for scars and pigment. 

What’s New for 2024?


We are very excited to introduce Radiesse injectable filler to the clinic this year! A new and different kind of filler, Radiesse will be a wonderful option to combine with Ultherapy and hyaluronic acid filler.

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler made of calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a gel. The microspheres degrade into calcium and phosphate ions which are metabolized and gotten rid of by your body. However, they stimulate your skin cells, called fibroblasts.

How does Radiesse work? (What is the mechanism of action?)

Radiesse doesn’t just “fill,” it builds collagen. Biopsies of tissue injected with Radiesse show increased collagen fibres over time after injection. This increased structure that collagen provides means fewer lines, and less sagging.

What are the best treatment areas for Radiesse?

Radiesse is great for adding volume and reducing sagging and wrinkles in the cheeks and lower face. It’s also perfect for improving the contour of the jaw. It can reduce horizontal necklace lines over the neck too, as well as lines in the decolletage. It is also the best treatment there is for hand rejuvenation. It only requires a single syringe of Radiesse to rejuvenate the top of both hands, reducing lines and hollowness.

How long Does the effect of Radiesse last?

The effects of Radiesse can persist for over a year, often 15 months or more. Radiesse effects are longer lasting than hyaluronic acid filler. Often ideal treatment involves 1-2 syringes, with re-treatment 1-3 months later. After that, patients may not need repeat treatment for as long as a year and a half or more.

Is Radiesse expensive?

No, Radiesse is very similarly priced to hyaluronic acid filler, and because it is often injected less often it may work out to be less expensive than other filler products.

What is a “Liquid Facelift?”

This term is sometimes used to describe the combination of Radiesse with hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvéderm or Belotero. Studies to date have not found any increase in adverse events combining these fillers, and doing so can sometimes optimize treatment, as hyaluronic acid provides the immediate results in volume that are desired, while Radiesse then slowly builds collagen for a long-lasting result not only on volume but also skin quality.

What are the benefits of combining Ultherapy with Radiesse?

Both these treatments are aimed at increasing collagen, so they complement each other well. While Ultherapy is aimed at the deeper tissues, and can lift and tighten, Radiesse is injected at more superficial layers, and provides better complexion results. Ultherapy results often take 3 months to appear, while Radiesse will gradually build collagen over 10 months. There is also a suggestion that Ultherapy is associated with increases in type III collagen fibres, while Radiesse increases type I collagen fibres, thus combing the two therapies may lead to broader, more therapeutic variety in collagen deposition.

If you’re interested in learning more about Radiesse, contact us for a consultation at (905) 273-3045 or request a consultation online.

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