Skin Cancer Assessment & Surgery

Skin cancer is most commonly caused by sun exposure, but it can appear anywhere on the body, so it is important to have any skin abnormalities like irregular moles or lesions assessed to ensure they are screened for cancer. Screening regularly and often is the best way of catching skin cancer before it spreads.

Dr. Michael J. Weinberg served as the Division Head of Plastic surgery at Trillium Health Center for more than 15 years and he is on staff at the Carlton Skin Clinic, a leading skin cancer centre in downtown Toronto, giving him the expertise needed to surgically remove skin cancer to promote healing and minimize scarring. He treats skin cancer and benign skin lesions surgically so that the tissue can be biopsied to check for cancer risk and to ensure that all cancer has been removed.

Skin cancer removal is performed as an outpatient procedure at our Mississauga and Carlton Skin Clinic locations. To remove skin cancer and other lesions from the skin, Dr. Weinberg first treats the area with a local anesthetic. He then makes one or more small incisions in the skin to remove the cancerous tissue and will submit the tissue for analysis. He tests the removed tissue to ensure there are “clean margins,” meaning that all of the cancer has been removed and there is a margin of healthy skin around the removed tissue. Dr. Weinberg’s patients are privileged to have access to Mohs surgery, a highly specialized method of removing facial skin cancers that insures the smallest possible area of removal, therefore preserving a cosmetically pleasing result.

Sometimes if large areas need to be removed, it is necessary to do what is called a “flap,” where skin is cleverly rotated from one area to another in order to conceal a gap, and preserve appearance. These are techniques that require a skilled skin cancer surgeon. Once the skin cancer has been removed, the incision is stitched closed and dressed. Dr. Weinberg will provide you with care instructions to help the incisions heal quickly and with a minimum of visible scarring.

Types of Skin Cancer

Dr. Weinberg is skilled at addressing all types of skin cancer. Each type of skin cancer has a different look and can require a different approach to remove it, so it is important to seek treatment from a Royal College-certified surgeon if you experience any abnormal skin conditions that might indicate a skin cancer is present and require skin cancer removal.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer. It makes up 70 – 75% of all skin cancers and does not usually spread to other areas of the body, but it is important to treat in order to avoid further damage to your skin.

Basal cell carcinoma often appears as an irregularly shaped blemish or blister on the skin that appears crusty or bleeds and does not heal over time.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma appears on the surface of the skin and can spread to internal organs if left untreated. It often appears as waxy or shiny patches on the skin or in the form of small red or white bumps.


Melanoma generally begins within moles and in pigmented lesions on the skin. If not caught and treated early, it can spread throughout the body and become fatal.

It is very important to have your skin checked regularly and to have any suspicious areas checked out by a licensed dermatologist. If surgery is needed, a Royal-College certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Weinberg can perform the surgery to remove the cancer and reduce the appearance of scars.

Dr. Michael Weinberg

Dr. Michael J. Weinberg


As an experienced, Royal-College certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Weinberg is devoted to helping patients reach their cosmetic goals. For over 25 years, he has built a reputation as one of the best plastic surgeons in Mississauga through expertise, experience, and dedication to his patients.

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After Your Procedure

After your skin cancer removal surgery, Dr. Weinberg will submit the tissue to a lab for biopsy and to confirm all of the cancer was removed.

Your stitches will be removed after a few days at a follow up appointment.

To reduce the risk of skin cancer returning, Dr. Weinberg recommends using sunblock with a minimum of SPF 30 every day to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. He also recommends checking your skin regularly for unusual moles or irregular pigmentation. If you develop any new areas of concern, do not hesitate to contact Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic for a consultation.

Request Your Consultation

If you have skin cancer that needs to be removed or are seeking a skin assessment, call our office at (905) 273-3045 (Mississauga) or (416) 207-9090 (Toronto) or request a consultation online. Dr. Weinberg and his team look forward to meeting with you.

Dr. Weinberg does not endorse or lend his name to any specific product, medication, or device. The information on this page is meant to familiarize prospective patients with some of the commonly available treatments/products and devices in use for specific issues and is intended for general educational purposes only. Decisions regarding treatments in a specific patient must be made in the context of a medical consultation.

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