How It Works

Vectra machine

VECTRA 3-D uses a high-resolution image capturing system and computer simulation technology to bring images to life. Along with photographic images, the system records precise measurements and details of individual body contours to create a 3-dimensional profile. This technology makes it possible for patients to explore possible outcomes by virtually trying on a variety of sizes and types of implants, for instance.

In the same way that a 3-panel dressing room mirror works, the VECTRA 3-D system creates images with the illusion of visual depth, so you can see how your results would look from various angles. The images can be displayed as before-and-after pictures for an accurate idea of the possible outcome.


How Patients Benefit

Dr. Weinberg and his patients use this advanced medical photography device in surgical planning. During a consultation, he can manipulate the simulated images to show patients what they might look like with different procedure options. Although the images aren’t an exact reflection of how results will turn out, they help patients understand and visualize their options.

The VECTRA 3-D system also enhances the accuracy of a skilled surgeon by providing precise measurements and details about individual body contours. Because most women have some degree of breast asymmetry, where one breast is larger than the other, the VECTRA system can help Dr. Weinberg by pinpointing exact measurements for balancing out the breasts.

As much as patients and doctors try to discuss their expectations for various surgical procedures, it’s sometimes difficult for them to get on the same page. VECTRA 3-D helps take some the guesswork out of cosmetic surgery and ensures that both the patient and Dr. Weinberg have a clear understanding of the aesthetic goals. Seeing the results that patients can reasonably expect gives them confidence in their decisions and boosts their satisfaction.


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To experience the VECTRA 3-D system for yourself and see how you might look with a breast lift or reduction or with breast implants, come see us in Toronto or Mississauga. Request an appointment online or call our offices at  (905) 273-3045 (Mississauga) or  (416) 207-9090 (Toronto) to meet with Dr. Michael J. Weinberg.

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