Affording Plastic Surgery

No longer the exclusive domain of the wealthy, plastic surgery in Mississauga or Toronto is an attainable dream, realizable by the average person wishing to look – and feel – his or her best. A significant percentage of our patients finance their surgery, lessening the financial burden and worry. The low interest rates make it the ideal alternative to writing a cheque or using a high interest credit card. They say, and we agree: “Why let medical costs disrupt your budget?” Two companies are available to provide financing for cosmetic procedures, Medicard and Credit Medical. Getting approval is simple, and our office staff is happy to assist you. We have received much positive feedback from many patients.

Financing is available to you because your doctor cares about making health care affordable.


Medicard use has many advantages which include the following:

  • No down payment
  • No collateral
  • High approval
  • Competitive interest rate
  • No early payment penalty
  • And more

Medicard toll free number: 1-888-689-9876
Toll free facsimile: 1-888-689-9862

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