Fat Grafting Procedure

Dr. Weinberg can inject fat in the nasolabial folds, under the eyes, in the cheeks, in marionette lines and in a depression on either side of the chin below the jowl, known as the prejowl sulcus. He also uses fat grafting to achieve lip augmentation (enhancement) for Toronto area patients by injecting fat into the lips. Scars or skin depressions and hollows can be improved as well.

Because fat consists of living cells called lipocytes, these cells must be harvested from the patient. Thus fat injection actually involves two procedures: harvesting the fat, and then injecting it. Both of these steps are performed on the same visit.

Harvesting the fat is achieved through liposuction, using a cannula (a surgical wand) to remove the fat typically from the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks. After the tissue has been obtained, it is placed in a centrifuge to separate the desired fat cells from other components. The grafting is also performed by means of a cannula, again requiring a tiny incision, and the fat is deposited in the appropriate areas. The procedure can be performed with local anesthetic or under sedation, depending on patient preference. As with all surgical procedures, there are possible complications that can occur with fat grafting. Potential complications specific to your surgery will be discussed in detail at your consultation. For a discussion of general risks of surgery, review Dr. Weinberg’s Your First Visit page.

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Fat Grafting Cost in Mississauga & Toronto

Fat grafting is performed using liposuction, but it can also be combined with other procedures including Botox Cosmetic to help rejuvenate and refresh your facial appearance. Fat grafting is also used as part of the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Cost will be discussed during your consultation. with Dr. Weinberg and depends on the extent of treatment necessary.

After Your Procedure

After your Mississauga fat grafting treatment, it will take some time for the grafted cells to become established, as they must develop a blood supply in order to remain viable and survive. About 32% of the injected cells will survive the grafting process and become established in their new location.1 In some cases, patients will require a second procedure some weeks after the first. However, once a patient has sufficient viable fat to achieve the desired fullness, the results are very long lasting.

While experiences vary, patients typically can return to their usual activities between 1 to 3 weeks after the procedure. Mature patients with multiple areas of age-related facial tissue loss resulting in multiple folds, lines and hollows may want to extend the results by choosing ongoing injections with other fillers.

For an overview of what to expect throughout the surgical process from consultation to post-operative period, including general risks and side effects, see the general section on surgical procedures.

Request Your Consultation

To learn more about fat grafting, call our office at (905) 273-3045 (Mississauga) or (416) 207-9090 (Toronto) or request an appointment online. Dr. Weinberg looks forward to meeting with you and helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Weinberg does not endorse or lend his name to any specific product, medication, or device. The information on this page is meant to familiarize prospective patients with some of the commonly available treatments/products and devices in use for specific issues and is intended for general educational purposes only. Decisions regarding treatments in a specific patient must be made in the context of a medical consultation.

1 Jason D. Meier, MD; Robert A. Glasgold, MD; Mark J. Glasgold, MD, Autologous Fat Grafting Long-term Evidence of Its Efficacy in Midfacial Rejuvenation, Arch Facial Plast Surg. 2009;11(1):24-28. doi:10.1001/archfacial.2008.518. http://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamafacialplasticsurgery/fullarticle/407058

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