MCSC October 2022 Newsletter - Mesotherapy

What is Mesotherapy?

This treatment involves instilling a complex of ingredients directly into the skin , typically via microneedling. Because these ingredients are introduced via microchannels created by the microneedles (as opposed to application to the surface) they are much more readily accessible to skin cells, with a more powerful restructuring effect on the extra -cellular matrix of the skin. Mesotherapy treats the skin from the inside out.

What Can Mesotherapy Treat?

Mesotherapy ingredients can be carefully selected to address specific skin needs, for example Mesofiller+ treatment instils hyaluronic acid, the same ingredient in conventional fillers, into the surface of the skin to provide intense moisturizing, smoothing fine lines, hydrating , and giving skin an intense healthy glow. This treatment can help improve appearance of acne scars and other skin irregularities.

HA+ Skinbooster Meso also uses hyaluronic acid but combines it with a cocktail of vitamins carefully chosen to stimulate tired skin cells, and revitalize aging skin. Ideal for helping prevent lines on cheeks, above lips, and around the eyes from deepening over time.

Is Mesotherapy Safe?

While it is always possible for skin to react to any compound, including topical skin creams, our Mesotherapy products are all of the highest pharmaceutical grade, produced in France, under the most stringent scientific standards. This offers treatment with minimal to no downtime, and over 95% patient satisfaction. Our mesotherapy treatments are all carried out by our highly trained medical aesthetician or cosmetic medical nurse under our doctors’ supervision.

Can Mesotherapy be Combined with Other treatments?

Mesotherapy is often part of combination therapy. For example, small amounts of Botox can be added to the mesotherapy solution, to further minimize fine lines and shrink pore size, giving skin the “flawless”, “porcelain” or “ Glass smooth” appearance young patients are often looking for.

Mesotherapy is often alternated or combined with the Vampire face lift (where one’s own blood components are separated out and injected to provide growth factors to stimulate skin cells).

Mesotherapy is routinely combined with resurfacing techniques such as laser and light therapies, like IPL, or chemical peels.

If you have questions about Mesotherapy, or want to book a consult or treatment, contact us at (905) 273-3045 in Mississauga or (416) 207-9090, in Toronto.

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    • mcl-admin says:

      Thank you for contacting us. Mesotherapy on its own is $450 per treatment. Combining PRP and mesotherapy together produces results that outlast those of just mesotherapy treatment lasting up to 6 months. The cost for Meso and PRP together is $900.00. We are happy to schedule you in with our nurse for a consultation. Please call the practice at (905) 273-3045 to schedule your appointment.

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