MCSC January 2024 Newsletter - How to Tighten Your Jawline

There are lots of options to help smooth and straighten that wiggly, droopy jawline, and often best results are attained with combination treatment.

  1. 1. BOTOX® Cosmetic – small amounts of BOTOX administered along the jaw in a muscle, called platysma, can make your jawline more distinct and help reduce lines and creases in the lower cheek that happen when you smile or grimace.
  2. 2. BELKYRA™ – You’ve probably heard of this fat-busting injection that helps reduce double chin, but did you know it can help shrink jowls?
  3. 3. Hyaluronic Acid filler – injecting a firm filling product (e.g. JUVÉDERM® Voluma or Volux) in the divots in front of and behind jowls can help hide jowls and restore a straighter look to your jaw.
  4. 4. RADIESSE® – Radiesse is often voted the best filling agent for jawline. In addition to its immediate cosmetic effect to give a firmer more defined jawline, it also prompts your tissue to make collagen so over the following months you’ll develop more firmness and definition.
  5. 5. Ultherapy®! – last but definitely not least, Ultherapy is the ultimate jawline rescue- Ultherapy builds collagen, so it prevents sagging and laxity before it starts to affect your jaw and helps tighten as a little laxity develops. Great in combination with RADIESSE, Ultherapy is an excellent way to preserve youthful tightness and firmness.

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