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1. What Is Traditional Breast Reduction?

Traditional breast reduction is a surgical procedure in which large breasts are made smaller by the removal of fat, breast glandular tissue, and skin. This involves a horizontal incision underneath the breast, and a vertical incision from the bottom of the breast up to and around the nipple, a so called “anchor” incision. The nipple is repositioned (lifted), thus the breast is not only reduced, but patients effectively also have a breast lift.

2. Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction?

The best candidates for breast reduction are those with large breasts who find them uncomfortable, particularly during activities like exercise. They also often have cosmetic concerns, as large breasts tend to become pendulous, and patients feel self-conscious about drooping, also called breast ptosis. For those patients who have back, neck and bra strap pain, the basic surgery is almost always covered under the Ontario Health Plan for Ontario residents. Conventional breast reduction surgeries with Dr. Weinberg are scheduled at Trillium Health Centre.

3. Why Combine Liposuction with Conventional Breast Reduction?

Liposuction is often recommended along with surgery primarily to remove what is referred to as the “tail” of the breast- the fatty part that extends into the axillae (arm pits). This will almost always give a superior cosmetic result. Unfortunately, liposuction is not covered under the Ontario Health Plan, and therefore must be paid out of pocket by the patient. Dr. Weinberg always encourages his patients to consider this decision carefully as their long-term satisfaction with the surgical result may be better if liposuction is carried out.

At MCSC we understand the extra cost can be a burden. We have deliberately kept costs for liposuction of the breast down in an effort to make it as affordable as possible for patients. We can also assist patients in applying for financing options such as Medicard. Breast reductions, together with liposuction, are scheduled at Dr. Weinberg’s private clinic and wait times can therefore be considerably shorter.

4. Can Breast Reduction Be Done with Liposuction Alone?

For younger patients, especially those that have not yet breast fed, who do not have breast drooping or ptosis, and whose breasts are not extreme in size, it is now sometimes possible to achieve breast reduction with liposuction alone! In these patients the only incisions required are small openings to allow the liposuction cannula to be inserted such that breast fat can be removed.

Unlike conventional breast reduction in which patients are left with an anchor-shaped scar, there is minimal scarring, and much shorter recovery times. However, only very specific patients will be candidates for this form of breast reduction.

There must be sufficient fat to be removed. No glandular breast tissue or skin is removed in this type of procedure. Thus, if the excess breast size is due largely to glandular breast, liposuction is not an option. Also, in this procedure there is no “lifting” and repositioning of the nipple, thus people with pendulous or drooping breasts would not be good candidates for liposuction-only breast reduction. The cost of this procedure is not covered under the provincial health plan and therefore must be paid by the patient.

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