MCSC February 2024 Newsletter - hands forming a heart

Have you ever watched the Academy awards and seen your favorite 80-something-year-old actress come on stage looking almost the same as you remember her back in the movie from years ag o- and then as she opens the envelope – and her hand gives away every bit of her 8 decades!! Our hands can definitely betray us, with the appearance of dark spots, bulging veins, and thin crepey skin that show each tendon. Old-looking hands just don’t go with a vigorous, healthy, and youthful face.

What Are the Five Top Treatments to Keep Hands Looking Young?

  1. 1. Moisturize! Dry skin is wrinkled-looking skin. Keep those hands lubricated with a good quality hydrating moisturizer.
  2. 2. Use sunscreen!! Prevent age spots from forming and getting worse and darker with frequent application of UV protection.
  3. 3. Skin lightening lotions. Hydroquinone and retinol can be used on your hands, though often the percentage needs to be adjusted as skin over your hands can be sensitive.
  4. 4. IPL. Laser light therapies, called intense pulsed light or broad band light ( BBL) can do a truly remarkable job turning back the clock. By zapping those age spots with light energy, which gets absorbed by the melanin containing cells, dark spots fade, slough off, and disappear as those pigment cells die.
  5. 5. RADIESSE® – That thin skin that shows every tendon and vein can be thickened amazingly well with RADIESSE. Much more cost-effective for hand treatment than hyaluronic acid filler, a single syringe of RADIESSE can plump up the surface of both hands and give you your younger hands back.

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