July 2012 Newsletter

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For many, this is the time of year for graduations. Dr. Weinberg and Dr. Schiffer were delighted to attend the University of Toronto Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Resident's Graduation Dinner, which honoured this year's graduating residents of the Plastic Surgery program. Dr. Weinberg was very proud to see four bright and talented residents, who he has had the pleasure of teaching over the past couple of years, complete this part of their training.

In other clinic news, we have been busy adding several new before and after shots to our photo gallery. Visit our extensive gallery of before and after photos to view the new additions to categories that include facelift, brow lift, breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck. Toronto and Mississauga patients have been very kind in allowing the use of their photos, and we are indebted to them for providing this educational opportunity for other patients considering plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

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In Cosmetic Medical News

Both SwissTEC™ and Dermaceutic products were featured in editorials in the most recent edition of the widely distributed Lifestyler® magazine. Dermaceutic's Spot Peel in particular was mentioned among recommended treatments for pigmentation and brown spots.

In the latest published opinion polls on the cosmetic medical site, 88% of patients who had undergone Liposonix™ high-frequency ultrasound fat reduction were satisfied enough to rank the treatment "worth it". Liposonix therefore outranked all of the other non-invasive fat reduction devices on the market. Several well-known devices including Zerona® and Velashape™ had satisfaction ratings as low as 37% to 43%! Liposonix is definitely the way to go, according to patients who have experienced it first-hand. Our Toronto & Mississauga body contouring patients can read more about Liposonix, or contact us to request a consultation.

Facebook Updates

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July Promotion

This month, treat your skin to the most popular exfoliating cosmetic treatment available: Microdermabrasion! You'll save $50 on each session, and your skin will look and feel silky smooth all summer long. Regularly $120, now $69.99 until July 30. See below for details.

Topics in Cosmetic Medicine

Things to Consider When Buying Cosmetics

No matter what cosmetic procedure we have, from a facial to a facelift, the finishing touches we apply before presenting ourselves to the world usually involve makeup. For some of us this may be as minimal as a touch of concealer or lip balm. For others, we may never venture out without foundation. Regardless of which procedure we have done or the amount of makeup we wear, the choices we make about which cosmetics we use are more important than we think.

Ask anyone with acne, Rosacea, or any other skin sensitivity, and they will tell you from experience that some cosmetics just don't agree with their complexion. That's because many cosmetics contain oils and other noxious ingredients that can be very irritating to the skin. Some of the common agents contained in many reputable, high-end cosmetic brands include petroleum products, synthetic dyes, alcohol, Parabens, perfumes and artificial fragrances, and Talc. These ingredients can clog pores and aggravate underlying skin conditions that promote visible break outs. They may also lead to chronic, low-grade inflammation that, over the long term, can accelerate processes that age our skin. The concept "inflammaging" is new in the field of dermatology, and is a term used to describe the relationship between inflammation and oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction responsible for skin aging such as deterioration in tone and color or development of lines and wrinkles.

Ideally then when choosing cosmetics, one should look for a line that is free of these potentially harmful elements. Individuals with dry skin should steer clear of products containing alcohol, and oily-skinned individuals should avoid petroleum products and other oils. In general, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic cosmetics that are free of Talc, Parabens, and synthetic dyes are most desirable. Better yet, seek out products that actually contain ingredients to calm the skin, such as anti-inflammatories and UV protection.

Other things to take into consideration are the sheerness of the products, their light reflectivity, and whether they offer a good range of shades. Heavy makeup application went out of style in the 1950s, and a dated application or out of style colors tend to make one look older. A heavy hand often exaggerates lines, pores and wrinkles instead of minimizing them. At this time of year especially, when the weather is hot and humid, foundation should look light and "barely there." The natural look can often be more easily achieved with powder foundation finished with a light spray of mineral mist, rather than thick liquid foundation. A good makeup line will have an extensive number of hues available to allow for perfect color matching to your complexion. Even a slightly wrong shade of foundation for your skin color can age your look by a decade or more, so careful and exact color matching is important. Getting assistance from a good aesthetician can go a long way to insuring you get the right shade of foundation and concealer as well as bronzer and lip gloss. The right tone of bronzer used instead of blush can allow you to protect your precious skin from the harmful effects of the sun, while at the same time sporting a sun kissed glow!

Next time you're in the clinic, ask our Aesthetician for a complimentary cosmetic consultation and demonstration after your procedure. She can offer you valuable advice to insure you protect your investment with the best cosmetics for your skin type and budget.

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