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Don't forget to drink a lot of water in this sweltering heat! Keeping your skin well hydrated with lots of water and a good moisturizer are key to looking young and fresh in this wilting weather. As always, don't forget the sunscreen. Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic won the highest Platinum award as the top Cosmetic Medical Clinic among Mississauga News readers in this year's contest! We'd like to extend a big thank you to everyone who voted for us. Dr. Weinberg was also featured in an article in Fashion Magazine on confidentiality in cosmetic procedures, and also quoted extensively in an article in Vigour Magazine on the latest Cosmetic treatments.

Topics In Cosmetic Medicine

Choices in Breast Implants, Toronto and Mississauga Breast Augmentation Patients Have Never Had More Options

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Choosing the right breast implant in breast augmentation surgery is one of the most discussed topics in Plastic Surgery. Toronto and Mississauga women considering breast augmentation are encouraged to get the opinion of an experienced breast implant surgeon like Dr. Weinberg when making such an important decision. He will review all the pros and cons of the different breast implants. He will also consider your individual body type, skin type, present breast size and desired breast size when making a recommendation.

One of first decisions those considering augmentation need to make is, "How big should I go?" When considering the size of their breast implants, Toronto and Mississauga women are encouraged to peruse our breast augmentation before and after photo gallery to get an idea of the possibilities. It's important to remember that going too big for your body size can lead to complications later on, which is another great reason to have a frank discussion with Dr. Weinberg about what size he advises.

With the introduction of the new INSPIRA Implants from Allergan, choices for breast augmentation in Canada have just gotten even better. As mentioned in our previous newsletter discussing breast lift surgery, experience with INSPIRA implants in other countries suggests a reasonably low rate of capsular contracture, which may make them a more attractive choice for women thinking about breast implant surgery.

As a general rule, placement of breast implants above the chest wall muscle tends to have a more natural look and feel. This is partially because the consistency of silicone gel is more similar to the texture of human fat. Placing the implant above the muscle is also a slightly less invasive surgery with easier and more comfortable recovery. For women with breast ptosis (loose, hanging breasts), breast lift is usually required. However, if the degree of ptosis is mild, placing an implant above the muscle can also give the impression of lifting the nipple.

A Cohesive Gel Silicone implant should probably be the first choice for implant placement above the muscle, as it is more likely to give a natural appearance and less likely to wrinkle. However, this placement may not be an option for some women depending on their current size, desired size, and their skin coverage. The newly available INSPIRA implant can change all of this. Made of cohesive silicone gel and filled to a very specific degree, the INSPIRA implant may reduce the chance of rippling, allowing placement above the chest wall muscle in more women than ever before. The INSPIRA implants also offer an extensive range of round implants, the most popular shape chosen by North American women who want added fullness at the top of the breast.

Having said this, there is still a significant role for saline implants. For many thin women with small breasts, it still may not be possible to go above the chest wall because there may not be enough skin and soft tissue to cover the implant. If the implant must be placed below the muscle, the advantages of cohesive gel implants become less critical. Wrinkling and texture become less of an issue, and saline implants become a good option. They are more affordable and can be placed with a smaller incision. Also, if a saline implant leaks, it causes deflation and it can therefore be dealt with promptly. Leakage of a Gel Cohesive implant can be hard to detect, and sometimes requires MRI scanning to pick up.

With so many great new choices the best way to determine what type of implant would best suit your needs is to come in for an in depth consultation with Dr. Weinberg. See a video detailing the personal journey of 2 sisters that underwent breast implant surgery with Dr. Weinberg at:


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