November 2011 Newsletter

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This fall, we're busy cooking up some holiday specials for you. See below for this month's "Feature-Focused" Beauty Bonuses.

Clinic Updates

Dr. Weinberg and Dr. Schiffer recently attended an exclusive presentation on chemical peels. Toronto representatives from Dermaceutic, makers of the Spot Peel, provided updates and demonstrations. The Spot Peel has proved to be an excellent treatment for irregular pigment, and it has benefitted patients who've tried and failed with other treatments. The post-peel home care definitely maximizes results for our Mississauga peel patients. For very stubborn dark spots, the peel can be repeated safely every two weeks.

Our doctors also attended a seminar on Lip Augmentation in Toronto put on by Medicis, makers of Restylane® and Perlane®. Lip augmentation continues to be a simple and highly popular beauty boost, with the trend being toward modest plumping and contouring, as opposed to the huge "Angelina" lips we were seeing in previous seasons. Use of emollient-rich glosses, such as our own Glo™ Gloss by Glo™ Minerals, is recommended to enhance the effect by keeping lip chapping at bay and lip lines to a minimum.

November Newsletter Model

This month, our own Mississauga plastic surgeon, Dr. Weinberg, will be making a trip to Zimbabwe to deliver much needed medications on behalf of the Salvation Army. Dr. Weinberg will be going to Howard Hospital, a small rural hospital supported by a charitable organization he and his cousin, Bert Amato, founded several years ago. He will be lecturing and mentoring at the hospital, and hopefully he will return with some news and photos. So, check out our philanthropy page next month for an update. As always, donations to this wonderful humanitarian cause can be made through the Salvation Army.

What's New

Our staff has been invited to the launch of Dr. Obagi's latest addition to the Toronto and Mississauga skincare scene, ZO®. This luxurious new product line includes the most powerful retinol cream available without prescription, as well as a series of other products rich in exfoliants, peptides and antioxidants. It's guaranteed to provide powerful anti-aging protection, yet it's gentle. It's perfect for the individual who has been using Obagi Nu-Derm® and now needs maintenance, or for the patient who has been on maintenance and wants a little boost. It's also great for those with sensitive skin who may not tolerate Nu-Derm or high-percentage Retin-A™, or who can't afford the downtime.


The Feature-Focused Beauty Sale!

This month, with any injectable treatment, you have the option to enhance the feature of your choice – eyes, cheeks, lips or neck – and receive 30% OFF on a number of our most popular feature-enhancing products, including:

  • ELASTILash® eyelash enhancer by Obagi
  • Glo™ Blush and Glo™ Powder foundations by Glo™ Minerals
  • Glo™ Gloss by Glo™ Minerals
  • Redefining Neck Emulsion by SwissTEC™

See the ad below for more details!

And – continued by popular demand – the amazing LipoSonix™ sale!

Yes, you can still lose the muffin top! Our amazing pricing continues until November 30. Regularly $1750, you can reduce your pant or skirt size with this non-invasive form of fat reduction for only $1250. And, LipoSonix™ is now used for love handles, flanks and thighs, and we're offering great pricing on these areas, too. Don't miss this great opportunity to find out if LipoSonix is right for you. Book a free consult today.

Topics in Cosmetic Medicine

Enhancement of the Neck and Décolletage

Many patients complain bitterly about the appearance of their jaw, neck and chest area. Others are somewhat oblivious to the appearance of the skin below their chins. They're so focused on improving their facial complexions that they've lost sight of the fact that telltale signs of aging in their jaw, neck and chest are detracting from all the effort, time and expense they're investing.

Sagging, loose skin; lines and wrinkle; crepey-ness; dark spots: All are common problems in these areas. These are areas that often receive significant sun exposure, and they are also very prone to the effects of weight fluctuation and gravity.

Treatment of these areas should begin with good skin care. Exfoliating procedures such as peels and microdermabrasion, photofacials and skin products designed for the often tough skin of the neck, such as Redefining Neck Emulsion by SwissTEC™, can stave off age-related changes, promote skin tightening and lessen the appearance of lines and pigment. Containing high percentages of ingredients such as Sveltonyl® and Algisium C®, this strongly formulated lotion helps restore firmness to this hard-to-treat area.

Injectables such as Botox can prevent the contraction of muscles in the neck that leads to "bands," which appear with time. This, in turn, alleviates some of the downward pull on the jawline that leads to jowls. Toronto and Mississauga Botox patients have discovered it can also soften some lines over the chest. Filler in the area of the jaw can help restore a smoother jawline and conceal early jowls. Fillers can also be used to treat deeper lines in the décolletage. A new lifting technique that uses filler over the jaw and lateral face can also sometimes lead to less sagging in the jaw.

Thermage® is a novel treatment that uses radio-frequency emissions to heat the deeper collagen-containing areas of the dermis, which in turn promotes skin tightening. It is a non-invasive and well-tolerated treatment that takes about an hour. Unfortunately, it is not successful in all individuals.

Many Toronto patients opt for liposuction, which can sometimes be useful for those people in whom neck sagging is accompanied by a fatty deposit – the so-called "wattle."

Finally, a surgical neck lift provides the definitive approach to a sagging neck. Our neck lift patients in Mississauga and Toronto note dramatic improvement with surgery, which abolishes laxity and drooping of the skin. Neck lifts are usually accomplished at the same time as facelift surgery, so the entire lower face, including the jawline, appears smoother, firmer and tighter.

If your jaw, neck or chest is a problem area, come in for a consultation to find out which procedures can best address your concerns. Call 905-273-3045 (Mississauga) or 416-207-9090 (Toronto).

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