February 2011 Newsletter

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Wow, it's snowy!!!! Hope you are all either keeping warm and toasty inside, or are out enjoying the winter wonderland on the ski slopes. Whether in or out, don't forget to keep your complexion well hydrated – drink lots of fluid, use a good quality moisturizer, and a sunscreen on the slopes, to keep those fine lines and discoloration at bay – and don't forget your hands and lips! Two areas that are really prone to chapping and peeling in cold and dry conditions. La Roche Posay has inexpensive and very effective products for both; sample them when you are next at the front desk.

Clinic News

Dr Weinberg and Dr. Schiffer brought back lots of tips from the prestigious, by invitation only symposium, FACE, that they attended in January. Dr. Weinberg was featured in an article in Elevate Magazine on body contouring with liposuction and Tummy Tuck. Mississauga and Toronto residents can read about one of his patients who was so inspired by her excellent tummy tuck result, she lost a further 65 pounds after surgery! Our nurse Cathy Mackay has been invited to an upcoming training meeting with Medicis, and will surely return with more news on tips and trends. We're in the process of planning a fun evening on Body Contouring, Facial Rejuvenation and Fashion, hopefully in March, so keep your eyes out for more details to follow in the next few weeks.


On now until the end of February is our Huge Facial Peel Special. Get a glycolic, lactic, AFA, or acetysalacylic Acid peel 50% OFF (Regularly $120, Now $59.99!) These are a great way to give your skin a glow, and boost your skin's production of collagen and Elastin, those essential building blocks that keep skin firm, taught and youthful. Or take this opportunity to try a fabulous ViPeel, great for pigment and acne, regularly $400, now $300.

Topics in Cosmetic Medicine

Juvederm® Toronto & Mississauga Patients Can Benefit From New Techniques

Most of you are probably already familiar with "Soft Lift", the combination of Juvederm® and prescription wrinkle injection to achieve an optimal rejuvenated appearance, while at the same time enjoying some cost savings. These two products work so well together because they can address not only loss of volume, one of the cardinal features of aging, but also lines and wrinkles produced by repetitive muscle contraction. Evidence is mounting to show that judicious use of prescription wrinkle injection in strategic locations can also improve the longevity of Juvederm®. For example, small amounts injected just above the lip can make a lip augmentation last longer. We are now finding that by treating with prescription wrinkle injection, and then by diluting Juvederm® with a freezing agent, or saline (salt water) we can achieve a very natural looking improvement in fine lines above the lip, in the crows feet area, and elsewhere on the face where a thick product would not be ideal. This is revolutionary, as historically prescription wrinkle injections alone have been used in the crows feet area often with only modest benefit, especially when lines are deep. Conversely, Juvederm® has mostly been the product of choice for "smokers" lines, but usually gives only limited improvement. This new combination/dilution method can yield a much softer, more natural result. If you think you may be a good candidate for crows feet, smokers lines or fine line injection, call us at (905) 273-3045 and book a free consultation.

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