December 2011 Newsletter

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Happy Holidays! Our practice wishes all of you a wonderful, healthy, festive season. As you rush around finishing up your last-minute gift purchases, remember that any of our gorgeous skin care products will make the perfect present for your special someone. Here are some great gift-giving ideas:

  • The ZO® Skin Health Starter Kit from Dr. Obagi: Not only does this kit contain powerful, non-irritating skin care formulas, but it is beautifully packaged with 5 luxurious high-end products, all for only $300.
  • Many of our La Roche-Posay® and new Biophora™ products make ideal stocking stuffers.
  • Sunscreens will do double duty if you or your loved ones are heading south.
  • Gift certificates, which can be used for treatments as well as skin care, are also popular and make especially thoughtful gifts.

So, if you're looking for something different for the "hard to buy for" individual, consider an MCSC Gift certificate or product.

Clinic News

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As mentioned in our last email, Dr. Weinberg travelled to Zimbabwe, Africa, this November, and visited the Howard Hospital – a small rural medical facility that provides care to hundreds of thousands of people. He had the opportunity to help out, doing rounds and consultations on the ward. He conducted lectures for nurses and medical trainees on wound healing and basic plastic surgery topics. Dr. Weinberg also hand-delivered thousands of dollars' worth of life saving medication and supplies, thanks to generous donations from many of you. It was a wonderful and heartening experience to personally see all the good work that has been achieved with the supplies and medication that Dr. Weinberg has provided during the last several years. Of course, it wasn't all work. Dr. Weinberg did have a couple of days to head out into the wild for some beloved fishing. You can view photos from his remarkable trip on our Facebook Page.

In other clinic news, nurse Kathy McKay attended an informative symposium on Cosmetic Medical Nursing this month, and Dr. Schiffer enjoyed the excellent talks at an annual symposium on Cosmetic Laser and Aesthetic Surgery, including lectures on the latest techniques in dermal fillers and Botox Cosmetic. Mississauga and Toronto patients will be interested to learn one very interesting pearl of wisdom that came out of the meeting: Botox may be useful in treating rosacea. A presenter from Chicago, Dr. Steve Dayan, indicated that he has had success in reducing the appearance of redness and fine broken blood vessels over the cheeks with small, dilute amounts of intradermal Botox. If you have rosacea, make an appointment to come in and discuss your treatment options.


This month, get that "holiday glow" for your skin with our Festive Facial Peel Package. Buy a package of 4 treatments – Salicylic, Lactic, Glycolic or Clay peels – for ONLY $340, and you'll receive an ENTIRE TRAVEL KIT of BIOPHORA SKIN CARE PRODUCTS.

Our medical aesthetician Suzanne will help you choose the skin care kit that's right for you. Each kit contains 6 products, including a cleanser, toner, day and night creams, and UV protection. It's a great way to try out the Biophora line, which offers high-quality, glycolic-based skin treatment at an unbelievably reasonable cost.

Regular Value of this package is $540 - You save $200! *See the ad below for more details.

For more great deals, we invite you to "Like" us on Facebook. This December, we'll be starting a series of "Beauty Perks." These 1-day events will be announced to only our faithful Facebook followers on our Facebook Page. Don't miss out. Find us online today and make sure to "Like" us on Facebook.

Topics in Cosmetic Medicine

How to Choose a Cleanser

Every skin care line offers a cleanser as the first step in a beauty routine. But is it really important to use a particular cleanser? What does a cleanser do that soap and water can't, and how do you choose a cleanser that's right for you?

Most skin care experts agree that the cleanser you choose does matter. Soap and water alone only remove a small percentage of dirt, oil, pollutants, irritants, bacteria and dead skin cells that can clog pores and give the skin a muddy, dull look. Furthermore, soap and cheap, poor quality cleansers can contain irritants such as parabens or perfume that can cause inflammation in sensitive skin. Also, poor quality cleansers do not PH balance your skin. A product that cleanses and leaves the skin pH balanced is ideal for skin health and creates a good starting surface on which to place other therapeutic products such as serums or moisturizers. Too high a pH, for example, can cause dry, "tight" looking and feeling skin. Strong cleansers that have sulfates and alcohol can also be too drying. Even individuals with oily skin need hydration, since overly drying cleansers strip the skin of its acid mantle and can cause excessive irritation, thereby worsening the skin's appearance.

Oily skin types should seek cleansers with ingredients such as glycolic or salicylic acid to provide some chemical exfoliation. These chemicals break down the "glue" that holds dead skin cells and surface skin cells together so these cells can be washed away, and so other therapeutic ingredients can penetrate the skin. Acne prone skin also benefits from the addition of antibacterial ingredients, which can include benzoyl peroxide, tea tree extract and phytic acid as well as a variety of other botanicals. Examples of glycolic and salicylic acid-containing cleansers are CLENZIderm by Obagi® and Biophora cleansers.

Dry or sensitive skin requires hydration and calming anti-inflammatory ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and zinc oxide, as well as pro-vitamin B5. Examples would include SwissTEC™ Optimal Cleanser, or for those with rosacea or extremely irritable skin, SwissTEC Eye and Makeup Remover, which doubles as a rich, creamy cleanser. Biophora's Calming Cleanser is another example.

For normal or mature skin, cleansers containing vitamin C (such as Obagi's Vitamin C Cleanser) offer hydration as well as skin brightening effects.

Most skin types will also benefit from the occasional use of a cleanser that provides some mechanical exfoliation (meaning that the cleanser contains some rough, pumice-like bits that will help slough off debris). Thicker, oilier skins will tolerate more frequent mechanical exfoliation than thinner, drier and more sensitive skins, which may do best with a once- or twice-a-week exfoliation routine.

Care must be exercised in choosing this type of cleanser. Many over-the-counter exfoliants contain very jagged particles that can harm the skin by producing micro-tears. These in turn allow bacteria and other noxious irritants access to the deeper layers of skin, which can aggravate redness and pigment and cause pre-mature aging. Products such as ZO Skin Polish contain specially designed, perfectly spherical particles that will exfoliate without damage. Similarly, Tri-foliant™ by SwissTEC provides excellent, safe exfoliation that is not too aggressive for sensitive skin.

The best way to choose a cleanser that is perfect for you is to visit our medical aesthetician, Suzanne. Call (905) 273-3045 today for your free consultation.

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