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Winter Skincare: The Perfect Treatment Plan


Just as I believe it’s important to adjust cosmetic regimens to a patient’s age and cosmetic goals, I also believe it’s important to adjust one’s daily beauty routine to the weather conditions. Toronto plastic surgeons often help patients to effectively combine treatments and …
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Juvederm® Patients Can Benefit From New Techniques

Most of you are probably already familiar with “Soft Lift”, the combination of Juvederm® and prescription wrinkle injection to achieve an optimal rejuvenated appearance, while at the same time enjoying some cost savings. These two products work so well together …
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Restylane® & JUVÉDERM® In Toronto

Filler injections Most people who have ever considered wrinkle injections are aware and fairly educated about Hyaluronic Acid fillers, Restylane/Perlane, and JUVÉDERM being the most widely used. However, the perception of these as treatment for lines and wrinkles has evolved over …
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