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Filler injections

Most people who have ever considered wrinkle injections are aware and fairly educated about Hyaluronic Acid fillers, Restylane/Perlane, and JUVÉDERM being the most widely used. However, the perception of these as treatment for lines and wrinkles has evolved over the years. Whereas most patients who visit us to request fillers come with complaints about nasolabial fold lines, for example, clinicians have come to realize that loss of overall volume in the face is a key feature of aging. Individuals tend not to identify loss of volume in the cheek specifically as an aging characteristic, yet restoring volume in the cheek area will be more likely to dramatically  rejuvenate their appearance than injections elsewhere.
As more and more people recognize this, the trend has been toward using larger amounts of filler. In the past it was common to recommend one or two syringes of Hyaluronic. Today, three to four syringes are increasingly common, and so-called ‘non-surgical facelifts’ with six to ten syringes are not infrequent. Larger quantities of filler are much more likely to give patients the “wow” factor they are looking for.

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