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Having perfect, pouty, beautiful lips is more attainable now than ever before. A host of new gorgeous lip products promises to soften, moisturize, and plump the lips in a fabulous array of vibrant colors. The latest lip plumpers from gloMinerals® are a personal favorite at our Toronto plastic surgery clinic, and glo Liquid Lips and glosses are also excellent for keeping chapped lips at bay in the winter months. This season has seen a return to more defined, richer hues as evidenced by many celebrities flaunting lip shades ranging from fuchsia to ruby red. As a result of this return to a more traditional, almost 1940s lip look, we are seeing a definite upswing in requests for lip enhancements with injectable fillers in the Toronto area.attractive woman looking at camera

In contrast to what I would describe as the Angelina Jolie craze, when many women wanted huge lips, we now see something of a backlash, with many women expressing concern that they “don’t want to look over done” or unnatural.

Fortunately, with better, more sophisticated techniques of lip injection practiced by expert plastic surgeons and dermatologists, lip enhancement need not look unnatural at all, and can in fact be very subtle, with only slight enlargement giving a much more defined border, and reduced lines above the lip, such that lipstick no longer bleeds.

Many people will find that just enhancing the Cupid’s bow gives them improved lip shape. For others, defining the vermilion border with a thin layer of filler is all that is required. With age, even as early as our 30s, the philtrum may flatten and the corners of the mouth turn down, and these too can be corrected with filler. And, for those who are looking for substantial increase in lip size but who do not want “sausage-shaped” lips, again newer techniques can insure an aesthetically pleasing, proportional look.

At our Toronto and Mississauga clinics, we have developed ways of making lip injection very comfortable, including the use of topical numbing agents and ice. We also find that some of the newest lip injection products not only provide an excellent, natural-feeling texture, but they are less inclined to produce swelling, and they contain numbing agents within the product that take effect quickly. JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® is a prime example of an excellent new lip injectable, which was shown to last many months and possibly as long as a year. Even patients who have tried other lip injection products with less than desirable results tend to fall in love with VOLBELLA.

Another advantage of lip enhancement with injectable fillers is that lips may appear less dry, and lines within the lip may disappear. For more information on lip enhancement, call (905) 273-3045 to book a free consultation.

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