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There’s no question that breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgeries among our patients. With 3D Vectra technology, more women than ever are getting a sneak peak at what breast implants can do for their figures. However, there are a number of other breast issues that Dr. Weinberg deals with just as frequently. This includes:

  1. Breast Asymmetry
  2. Nipple Reduction
  3. Inverted Nipple Correction
  4. Breast Lift
  5. Breast Reduction for Both Men and Women

Breast Asymmetry

Many women, and even some men are troubled by a significant difference in size and or orientation of their breast tissue. For some, this becomes apparent in puberty. For others, this becomes more noticeable with weight gain, pregnancy or breastfeeding. In some cases, the issue is not so much one of size, but rather of one nipple sitting lower, higher, or more inward or outward than the other. These are all issues that Dr. Weinberg can address surgically. Sometimes this may require two different kinds of surgery; for example, a lift on one side and an augmentation or reduction on the other. In other situations, only one surgery on one side is needed. The best way to find out your best option is to come in for a detailed consultation with Dr. Weinberg.

Nipple Reduction

Both men and women sometimes suffer self-consciousness because of the appearance of their nipples or areolas. In women, the complaint is often that the areola size (i.e. circumference) is too large, whereas in men it is either the circumference or the degree to which they protrude. Both of these problems are readily treated. Circumference reduction involves incisions around the edge of the areola and, thus, the scar is “hidden”. Flattening the nipples, so that they do not protrude as much, typically requires some reduction of tissue beneath the nipple, and can sometimes be achieved with a liposuction. These procedures can often be performed under local anesthetic, especially in men, where only small amounts of tissue need to be removed.

Nipple Inversion

Many women suffer from inverted nipples. These usually occur at puberty when the breast develops and are caused by a short milk duct that travels from the chest wall to the nipple, tethering or pulling the nipple inward. However, because in rare cases inverted nipples can be a sign of breast disease, it is always important that the breasts be examined carefully in cases of inverted nipples. Correcting the problem involves severing the short milk duct. Therefore, sometimes this may affect the ability to breastfeed on that side. The procedure can often be accomplished under local anesthetic.

Breast Lift

For many women who are considering breast augmentation or breast reduction, one of the things that bother them most about their breast appearance is drooping, sometimes called Ptosis of the breasts. This happens because our skin and subcutaneous tissues become lax and stretched with age and gravity. However, many women do not realize that a drooping appearance can be corrected without augmentation or reduction. For women who are happy with their overall breast size, it is not necessary to have either breast implants or a reduction of breast tissue to achieve an improved breast appearance. In the right candidate, Dr. Weinberg is able to perform a breast lift – removing skin allowing him to reposition the nipple at a higher point on the chest wall to give the breasts a more youthful, lifted look. Usually, this involves a type of incision known as a “lolly pop,” where the scar is concealed around the edge of the areola, beneath the breast.

Breast Reduction for Men and Women

Our breast reduction candidates are among our happiest patients. For many women, large breast size has been a source of neck, shoulder, and back pain for years. They find it difficult to exercise and have a hard time working at a desk for long periods. For this reason, many breast reduction surgeries are covered by OHIP. For men, excess breast tissue, referred to as Gynecomastia, is often a source of embarrassment. For some men, breast reduction may be as simple as a liposuction procedure under local anesthetic.

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