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By now, you’ve probably heard of the Brazilian butt lift, a type of body contouring that blends butt augmentation with liposuction. Here in Mississauga and Toronto, my patients love the Brazilian butt lift (BBL for short) procedure because it lets them “repurpose” their existing, unwanted fat and use it to create something beautiful—that is, the voluminous, attractive, well-rounded buttocks that they often work hard to achieve in the gym (with limited success). But this specialized procedure isn’t for everyone. Let’s review some highlights to help you decide whether Brazilian butt lift is a good solution for your body and lifestyle.

Why Get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

First, let’s consider why people pursue Brazilian butt lift (hint: it’s not always about size):

  • Buttocks that seem too small in relation to the rest of the body. In many cases, Brazilian butt lift isn’t just about creating the biggest, most voluptuous behind possible. Instead, it’s about improving the body’s proportions and creating a natural-looking hourglass silhouette.
  • Adding curves where there aren’t any. A flat bottom can be annoying for many people, especially when it comes to wearing certain clothes. BBL can create a perky, round, youthful-looking shape.
  • Improving volume after weight loss. Dropping significant pounds or even just growing older can reduce the size of the buttocks and result in a saggy appearance. BBL can improve the shape and projection of the buttocks without making the buttocks significantly larger if that’s what the patient desires.

What’s Better BBL or Butt Implants?

When evaluating BBL against other forms of butt augmentation, such as butt implants, the comparisons are quite clear. With implants, there’s a risk of asymmetry and even implant migration, which occurs when the implant shifts from its intended location. Butt augmentation with implants can also carry a lengthy recuperation time, often several months before results are fully noticeable.

How Is a BBL Done?

BBL uses your own, unwanted fat from one area of your body (many people choose the abdomen) to add size and a sculpted shape to the buttocks. Performing BBL isn’t simply a matter of injecting fat into a given area. Instead, the donor fat is removed using a gentle form of liposuction, then purified to isolate the fat cells and make them suitable for grafting to the buttocks. The surgeon carefully layers the donor fat, gradually creating the ideal shape that was discussed during the consultation.

What Should I Do After BBL Surgery?

After your BBL, you can manage any pain or discomfort with prescribed medications. It’s important to keep weight off of your buttocks for a couple of weeks. When you sleep and rest, stay on your stomach or side to allow the donor fat to settle into the desired position and shape. When you return to work (usually within 2 weeks of surgery), you’ll need to use a “donut” cushion to further reduce stress on your buttocks while you sit at your desk. Learn more about BBL recovery by reading this blog post.

Is BBL Surgery Dangerous?

BBL can achieve great results and has become a leading cosmetic procedure. However, BBL has sometimes been associated with serious complications and even deaths, which has prompted plastic surgery societies to issue a warning of caution. BBL therefore MUST be done by an experienced plastic surgeon who will go over risks with you in detail.

Ready to learn more about what you can expect from BBL? Check out my gallery of before-and-after photos and contact my office online to request your consultation and get started.

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