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With Zoom meetings becoming the new normal and “selfies” a mainstay of social media, many of us are realizing that our chins and jawlines lack the defined appearance that most people consider attractive. At-home remedies, such as jawline exercises and facial yoga, aren’t very effective. Double chin removal treatments at our Mississauga and Toronto clinics, including BELKYRA™, are solutions that work well for most women and men.

What Causes a Double Chin?

Even though many people associate the appearance of a double chin with being overweight, that’s not always the case. A double chin can develop for many reasons, including genetics, aging, and weight gain. Posture is another potential cause. For example, scrolling through your smartphone may be responsible—the so-called “tech neck.”

Ways To Reduce a Double Chin

The best treatment option for minimizing the appearance of a double chin depends on patients’ goals and if they want to see immediate results or are willing to wait a few months to see the outcome. You may decide to pursue the nonsurgical path or choose a surgical option.

Here’s a look at your options:


The arrival of BELKYRA (which is marketed in the U.S. as KYBELLA®) offered for the first time a nonsurgical technique approved specifically for reducing a double chin. BELKYRA is an injectable treatment whose active ingredient—deoxycholic acid—breaks down the fat cells in the neck that cause a double chin. Deoxycholic acid, a synthetic molecule identical to a naturally occurring chemical, helps the body break down dietary fat.

Patients typically schedule 2 to 4 treatment sessions, and each session involves multiple injections. BELKYRA results emerge gradually as fat cells die and are absorbed by the body before being removed through the lymphatic system. Because BELKYRA is a minimally invasive treatment, there is little to no downtime after treatments.


People know that this “fat-freezing” treatment is effective for shrinking waistlines, but CoolSculpting can reduce fat virtually anywhere on the body—including under the chin. The CoolMini™ applicator is designed specifically to fit snugly under the chin, where it targets the fat responsible for a double chin. CoolSculpting treatments use a technology that freezes fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues. Similar to BELKYRA, the results can take a few months to appear. Most patients need at least 2 treatments to get the results they desire.

Neck Liposuction

For patients who want to see immediate results, neck liposuction is a surgical alternative to BELKYRA and CoolSculpting. Using a small, thin tube called a cannula, plastic surgeons suction fat from the neck during a procedure called tumescent liposuction. This involves making small incisions and then saturating the area with a fluid that includes a local anesthetic and epinephrine, which helps swell and solidify the fat so it’s easier to remove. Because liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure, patients need to plan on taking some time off to recover.


In some cases, the appearance of a double chin is the result of age-related skin laxity rather than excess fat. If your skin is loose, liposuction or nonsurgical fat reduction treatments won’t produce the desired results because the skin won’t shrink to fit the neck’s new contours. Ultherapy is a nonsurgical skin tightening treatment that uses ultrasound energy to stimulate the body’s natural collagen-building process to both tighten and lift the skin over time.

You can learn more about your double chin removal options, including BELKYRA, by requesting a consultation or calling our Mississauga office at (905) 273-3045 or our Toronto office at (416) 207-9090.

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