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I see many prospective breast augmentation patients at my Toronto-area office who keep putting the surgery off until it’s the “right time.” If you’re like them, you too may be postponing the procedure until after you’ve had children. Other women are afraid they’re “too old” to reap the benefits of implants. But the truth of the matter is that breast augmentation can be appropriate at many points in a woman’s life. When I evaluate a potential patient for surgery, I look at lots of different factors besides her age.implant for breast augmentation

It’s a common myth that the results of breast augmentation surgery can be altered or even undone by pregnancy. Although the breasts do undergo changes during pregnancy, the advanced surgical techniques and implant types used today maintain their integrity and keep the results long-lasting. Additionally, breastfeeding is also possible with implants. Be sure to talk to your surgeon if you’re thinking of becoming pregnant after your breast augmentation. He or she can adjust his or her surgical approach to maximize your chances of successful breastfeeding. Anyone over the age of 22 may safely undergo breast augmentation, and I evaluate patients in their late teens on a case-by-case basis. These young women often go on to have healthy pregnancies later in life.

On the other side of the coin, many women are worried that putting off the surgery for too long will take them out of the running. Although it’s a procedure that’s usually associated with younger women, there’s no age cutoff for implants. A thoughtful surgeon assesses each patient as an individual, helping her choose the implants and technique that are best for her body.

I’m more concerned with the overall health than the age of a breast augmentation patient. Good candidates should be healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia and have no medical conditions that could interfere with the surgery or the healing process. Luckily, there’s no age limit on good health. Women who are concerned with age-related skin laxity may benefit from combining breast augmentation with a breast lift. These procedures can be performed as a single surgery, and the combination may help smooth and streamline a woman’s silhouette.

You’re so much more than just your age — don’t let yours prevent you from pursuing the beautiful body you’ve always wanted.

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