Prepping for Breast Augmentation? 5 Things You Should Know

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When I see patients for breast augmentation in my Toronto practice, there’s often a lot of ground to cover. In addition to the usual choices of implant size, shape, and material, there are also decisions and preparations patients need to make out of the office, too.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, it may be helpful to consider the following before surgery:

  1. Your home: To minimize unnecessary stress while you recuperate, be sure your home is in order before surgery. Stock up on staples such as toilet paper, and ensure your main living areas are tidy and organized. Many patients find it useful to delegate chores to helpful friends or family. It’s also a good idea to have a few days’ worth of nutritious meals and snacks prepped in advance so they’re ready when you are. If you have friends or extended family members willing to help, don’t hesitate to take them up on it! Letting someone else walk the dog or take the kids to soccer practice means you have more time to allow your body to heal properly.
  2. Your recuperation: So many of my patients are used to staying busy. Many of them work full-time and have families, and still more volunteer or participate in other “extracurriculars” on the weekends. But after surgery, it’s imperative that you give your body enough time to rest and recuperate. For most patients, this means avoiding social activities for about a week. Although it may be difficult to say “no” to your favorite activities, remember that it’s only short-term. Giving yourself the opportunity to recuperate fully is vital to developing beautiful results.
  3. Your clothes: Most patients are eager to start shopping for new clothes and lingerie soon after surgery. But before you rush out to the mall, consider that your results can evolve and change for months after your procedure. Your implants need enough time to settle into their new “home” on your chest, and swelling can take some time to dissipate fully. Although you’ll need to buy some new items (such as soft, non-underwire bras) relatively soon after surgery, wait at least 3 months before you buy pricier pieces or fully overhaul your wardrobe.
  4. Your feelings: The surgical process can generate a whirlwind of emotions. While most of them are positive, it’s normal to feel moody or anxious both before and after your procedure. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings and concerns with your surgeon. If you’re stressing about a particular aspect of your surgery, he or she can help allay your concerns.
  5. Your story: Above all, plastic surgery is personal. Although it’s a good idea to keep your immediate family in the loop, you’re not under any obligation to tell anyone you don’t want to. The decision to tell co-workers, friends and extended family are completely up to you. If anyone asks you outright, it’s OK to bend the truth if it makes you feel more comfortable. In response to prying inquiries, many patients say they were on vacation or they’re trying out new clothing styles. Think about whom you want to tell, and plan ahead for what you’ll say to others.

Are you planning a breast augmentation procedure, or have you already undergone one? Let us know in a comment below what other factors patients should prepare for.

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