Plastic Surgeon serving Brampton area shares recent shift in plastic surgery procedure requests.

These days, women, and sometimes men, don’t want to wait for the aging process to take a toll. We’ve seen the number of Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto patients in this age group grow ― acting proactively to prevent lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume at our plastic surgery practice. They are also not shy about tweaking features they don’t like, or enhancing certain features cosmetically. Millenials don’t attach stigma to cosmetic injections or surgery. They have a practical approach, and take the attitude that if you don’t like something, why not fix it.

Leading procedures in this age group include breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lifts, and lip injections. Coolsculpting, and other non invasive fat dissolving treatments are also gaining popularity among the young.

Lip augmentation is particularly popular, as it is a quick, relatively easy appearance enhancement, with little downtime, and it is quite affordable. In contrast  to more mature patients, who typically want a very modest increase in lip size, younger patients can afford to go larger. Proportionally, larger, fuller lips look good on young faces, and when done properly, will still look natural. Focusing on the cupids bow, to create more of a pout, is often the approach in young lips. We sometimes recommend Emervale Lips in this age group, as it still offers smooth texture, but has a bit more lift than some thinner products.

While we would agree that young patients can afford to go larger with lips, we do spend time educating young patients about breast and buttocks. Both these must be proportional to one’s frame, or they will not only look unnatural, but can result in  significant problems down the road  Dr. Weinberg does counsel against getting too caught up in fads, and wants his patients to have results they will be proud of for years to come.

Other treatments that are gaining popularity in the 20 to 30 age group include Botox injections. Because these people tend not to have very few deep lines, very small quantities of Botox often go a long way. A little Botox in the glabellar area, for example, may be all that is needed to prevent frown lines from forming. Tiny amounts at the tail of the brow can give nice elevation, and even smaller amounts, a couple of units, can be used to widen eyes and soften early crows feet. Of course, many people in this age group have started to use Botox Therapeutic for treatment of excessive sweating.

Filler injections are also increasing in popularity in this age group, but the focus is often on tear troughs, and cheeks. Dark hollows under the eyes are genetic in some people and are present from a very young age. A small amount of Restylane Fine lines or Juvederm Volbella is often very long lasting in the under eye region, sometimes requiring repeat injection once a year or less. By the time we reach our mid thirties, many of us already develop early flattening of the cheek. Again, it only takes a very small amount of filler in a young face to restore the “ apple” of  the cheek.

We recommend young patients start early with respect to preserving their complexion, to avoid costly treatments later on. Regular sunscreen use from one’s 20s on can mean less need for peels and IP later. Spray tans and topical tanning creams are very popular in the age group , and we strongly advise this as a way of getting the sun kissed look minus the aging effects of UV.

We also suggest good acne treatment. Many 20 and 30 something’s still struggle with acne, and getting it under control is a much more realistic goal now than it was when many of us were in our teens. This can mean less scarring and irregular pigment to deal with later.

Finally, the 20 something set are discovering Latisse. Rather than costly and time consuming false lashes, young women are discovering that they get tremendous lash growth with Latisse.

If you are in your 20s or 30s and have questions about cosmetic treatments, come in for a consultation to discuss options. Call (905) 273-3045 or contact us online.

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