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Choosing the right breast implant size for your breast augmentation in Toronto is tricky and complex. Each surgeon will have his or her own method when it comes to determining which size is best for their patient. In my experience, I’ve found that the one of the keys to selecting the appropriate size is measuring the breast width. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Measure the breast width and chest dimensions. I start by measuring my client’s breast width and chest dimensions in order to get a good understanding of which implant size will best complement their existing anatomy. This is much more reliable than trying to select implants with the goal of achieving specific cup size, which has no standard of measurement.

Step 2: Select an implant that will fit within the patients current breast/chest dimensions. The bigger the implant, the wider it is. That’s why women with a narrow chest or breast width may not do well with very large implants. Selecting implants that are too wide may put a woman at risk for complications since the implant puts stress on the breast tissue.

Step 3: If more volume is desired, choose a different implant profile. Implant profiles refer to the implant’s thickness and can range from low, to moderate, to high. Sometimes, if a patient wants to go bigger but their anatomy won’t support it, I may suggest that they choose a higher profile (typically within the mid-range). This creates the appearance of a larger breast since the higher implant profile causes the breast to project farther from the chest wall.

The Bottom Line

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right implant size. Measuring breast width is just one of the ways I help my patients make a good choice. Other important considerations that will affect which implants are chosen include implant shape, style, profile, and texture. By thoroughly evaluating my patients and creating a unique, detailed surgical plan, I am able to create customized and long-lasting results.

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