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One of the most frequently asked questions in cosmetic plastic surgery is “How do I know what the best implant size is for my breasts?” Women interested in breast augmentation or a breast lift often find this question confusing, and many are under the impression that it is just a matter of deciding what bra cup size they want to be. In fact, bra cup sizes are far from standardized, and can be misleading. The most important element in implant size selection is your breast width measurement. At the time of consultation, Dr. Weinberg will measure the width of your chest wall. You must then select an implant with a base measurement that will fit your chest width. Larger implants have larger bases, thus if your chest width is narrow you may not be able to go with a very large implant. If you do wish more breast volume but are limited by your chest wall measurement, you can go with an implant with a higher “profile”, i.e. more projection from the chest wall. While many women initially think they want to go quite large, it is important to remember that larger breasts will put greater stress and strain on the skin and just like natural breasts, sagging can occur with time, so this too must factor into the final decision.

A new method of helping with the choice of breast implant size is 3D imaging techniques. There are several methods of creating simulated images of what you will look like after use of a specific breast implant, but by far the best imaging technique on the market is the Vectra system. Vectra allows the creation of life like 3D images of your chest as it is likely to look after breast augmentation with the use of specific types and sizes of implants, giving you the ultimate tool to aid you in this very important decision. We will be introducing the Vectra system very soon at MCSC, so stay tuned for more detailed information on exactly how this amazing photo imaging technique can assist you in future newsletters.

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