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One of the most popular surgeries in Toronto, and an area of expertise for Dr. Weinberg, is breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is a surgery with a very high satisfaction rate (98% according to RealSelf surveys), which speaks volumes about the emotional importance many women place on this feature.

Breast Implants Can Be Risky

As with all procedures, there are some risks, and many will have heard about the issues specifically related to textured breast implants. It’s important to realize that risks associated with textured implants have not been seen thus far in smooth implants. Breast implants, therefore, remain the most common way to enhance the size and shape of breasts for most women.

An Alternative to Breast Implants

Having said that, may people do not realize that breast augmentation and correction of breast asymmetry can be achieved with fat injections, avoiding the risks associated with implants. This is most often an option for those who want modest size increases. It does require that there is enough fat to be transferred from another body site, typically from stomach, thighs, waist or lower back.

Advantages of Natural Breast Augmentation

  1. You can reduce tummy fat, muffin top, saddle bags or love handles at the same time as you improve the size and/or symmetry of your breasts.
  2. Your new breast feels natural, soft and like a part of you because it is made from your own tissue.
  3. There is much less scarring because only small incisions are needed to harvest the fat from the donor site and to re-inject it in the breast area.
  4. There is no concern about capsular contracture down the road as can occur with breast implants.
  5. Unlike after breast implants, there is never any concern about rupture.

Risks of Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Breast augmentation with fat transfer does have it’s own set of possible risks and complications which can include infection, cysts, small calcified nodules, and in some cases not all the fat transferred in the initial treatment survives, so a touch up procedure may be required. However, in general, risks are low and it is an excellent option to consider for those with reservations about breast implants.

If you are interested in a consultation for breast augmentation in Toronto call (416) 207-9090 and in Mississauga call (905) 273-3045, and book your appointment today!

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