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Ever wonder what you’re really getting (besides an enhanced body) when you pay for plastic surgery? Because it’s not really a tangible item like something you’d buy in a store, it can be tough to understand what goes into the cost of your procedure. In the case of breast augmentation for our Oakville and Toronto-area patients, there are the implants themselves, of course. But beyond that, the benefits become more difficult to quantify.

When you choose Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic, here’s what you’re getting when you pay for your breast augmentation:

  • Certification and expertise: The single most important thing you can do to ensure a beautiful result is to hold your plastic surgeon to the highest possible standard of excellence. In addition to being certified by the Royal College, I’ve been in practice for 20 years. I’ve proven myself to some of the most elite physicians in Canada, and my wealth of practical experience gives me an edge over less experienced surgeons. In the past few years alone, I’ve performed more than 1,000 unique breast surgeries, so I’m very familiar with the nuances of operating on this dynamic part of the body. Learn more about my credentials.
  • Individualized attention: Breast augmentation is an exciting time in any patient’s life, but it can also be anxiety-provoking. My staff and I know that feeling as if you’re among friends can make a world of difference. When you visit us for breast augmentation, I want you to know that you’re much more than merely a case to us. And that’s how we structure your experience with us. You can expect unique, custom-tailored care from your first consultation and onward throughout the surgical process. We’ll work together to make sure your results are exactly what you want.
  • Beautiful, natural-looking results: Individualized attention doesn’t stop with your interactions with me and my staff. It translates to gorgeous results that complement your own body. A great breast augmentation should harmonize the patient’s body, bringing out the best in her existing contours and enhancing her curves for a cohesive result. In this past case, notice how the patient’s augmented breasts retain the shape of her natural breasts. Although they’re larger than they were, they still look “just right” on her chest.
  • Ongoing care: Your relationship with us continues after your surgery is over. We want to serve each of our patients for life, because we’re forging a partnership that endures. Whether you call us with a question years after surgery or eventually come to us for another procedure, we’re here for you. We offer you a thorough post-procedure plan for the days and weeks immediately following your surgery, and we want to be a reliable resource for you — long after you’re fully healed.

If you’re interested in coming in to see our practice firsthand, please begin by contacting us, and we’ll be happy to schedule your visit.

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