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woman measuring bust sizeYear after year, breast augmentation at my Toronto-area practice, as well as throughout North America, just keeps getting more popular. But why? After recent statistics showed the procedure getting more popular in 2013, here are the factors I think are behind the trend:

  • Technological advancements: With each passing year, new and exciting developments arise in both implant options and surgical techniques. The recent introduction of the gummy bear implant, for example, helped many women who were previously indecisive about the surgery make the choice to have implants. New surgical techniques also allow for a faster and more comfortable recovery than in previous years, as well as shorter, more discreet scars. Today, our cosmetic surgery patients can even preview their potential results ahead of time with the VECTRA® 3-D imaging system.
  • Emphasis on safety: Just as breast augmentation is becoming more efficient, it’s getting safer, too. Prospective patients are doing their research, and they’re more conscious than ever of the risks and potential pitfalls of elective surgery. To meet the demands of their patients, doctors have responded by ramping up safety measures by hiring more qualified staff, choosing better surgical facilities, and playing an active role during the recuperation process.
  • Internet infiltration: Thanks to the Internet, people share everything today. Even previously personal topics, such as plastic surgery, are discussed openly on sites such as RealSelf.com. Sites like these provide an unbiased, inside look into the plastic surgery process and help patients educate themselves. Additionally, social media sites make it easier for prospective patients to locate great surgeons. Word of mouth moves faster than ever, thanks to the Internet.

Has a recent advancement helped you decide to undergo a breast augmentation? Tell us about it in the comments!

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