Toronto plastic surgeon shares how to make the most of your breast augmentation consultation.

I believe getting great cosmetic plastic surgery results begins with the patient consultation. When a woman comes in to consult about breast augmentation at my Toronto or Mississauga clinic, for example, I first work to establish a relationship built on communication and mutual trust. That’s why I personally meet with each patient for 45 minutes to an hour — and that’s after a patient meets with Sandy, my patient coordinator.

There are a number of ways patients can prepare for their breast augmentation consultation to get the most out of our meeting. During the first visit to one of our clinics, consider following these tips to ensure you get all of the information you want:

  • Prepare a written list of questions to ask during the consultation.
  • Review before-and-after photos in advance, and bring in copies of those that show how you want your breasts to look.
  • Have a medical history ready to share.
  • Do some preliminary background research into some of the basic options involved with breast augmentation, such as types of implants.

It also helps to have a friend or significant other accompany you to the consultation for support and also to take notes during our conversation to refresh your memory later.

Keep in mind that breast augmentation patients can get a preview of how their results may look using the VECTRA® 3-D imaging technology we have at our clinics. The exciting technology is immensely popular with our patients.

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