Although most people would be hard-pressed to find a physician who discourages them from being physically active, there is one time when exercise isn’t a good idea: when you’re healing from surgery. The active, fit women who see me for breast augmentation from Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga, and other Toronto communities are often concerned by the activity restrictions I place on them after surgery. Fitness is a major issue for many cosmetic enhancement patients, who tend to work out a lot to maintain their appearances. Check out just a few questions I’ve heard on the topic over the years:

Is it OK to lose weight after breast augmentation?

In general, it’s best to postpone a surgical aesthetic procedure until you’re at a healthy weight that you can easily maintain. Losing weight after breast augmentation can reduce the volume of your natural breast tissue, and potentially cause your breasts to lose their shape or sag. That said, we’re talking about significant fluctuations. A change of a few pounds will be just fine.

What can I do to stay in shape during my recovery?

Although it’s important to give your body the rest it needs while you recuperate, there’s no need to remain completely sedentary. Today’s breast augmentation surgery uses efficient techniques, with more breast implant options than ever, leaving you feeling much more like yourself after only a couple of days. During this time, I recommend taking short, easy walks through your neighborhood. It’s also important to stick to a healthy diet while your body heals. Be sure to get plenty of lean protein and fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your body systems functioning effectively while minimizing calorie consumption. As the days and weeks progress, I’ll gradually clear you to resume more strenuous activities, including working out.

Will high-impact workouts affect my results or cause sagging?

Over time, the bouncing that occurs during very vigorous activities, such as running, can weaken the supportive structures that hold the breasts up. In order to prolong the results of your breast augmentation for as long as possible, it’s important to keep your breasts adequately supported with quality sports bras when you work out. This really can make a big difference. Get a breast fitting done at a lingerie store, and be sure to try on sports bras before you buy to ensure your breasts are snug. Some of my patients say they even do a few discreet jumping jacks in the dressing room to see how a bra holds up.

To read more of my answers to other questions related to breast augmentation and fitness, I encourage you to visit my RealSelf profile. RealSelf is an online forum for current and future plastic surgery patients to share their experiences with one another and connect with surgeons. I enjoy using RealSelf as a platform for answering queries from patients around the world.

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