Why Our Canadian Olympic Athletes Are the Perfect Beauty Role Models

With all the action shots and close-ups of our marvelous Olympians on every billboard and across the Internet during these Sochi Winter Games, it’s impossible not to notice how incredibly attractive they all are, especially for plastic surgeons who study beauty. In the Toronto area, images of these amazing athletes are everywhere. Of course they are all in peak physical condition and have the wonderful glow of youth on their side. But they also epitomize the true essence of beauty in more important ways.why-our-canadian-olympic-at

I think what we are drawn to most is their incredible drive, their strength, their perseverance when faced with adversity, their pluck, their confidence, their grace, and their joy in being at the games and giving it all they’ve got. All this is to say that what we respond to most is the internal essence of these exceptional young people. What is really most beautiful about them starts with what’s beneath the surface.

In the end, one can analyze mathematical proportions of faces and figures, and though this does provide some assistance to those of us in the field of enhancing people’s physical assets, ultimately attractiveness has more to do with what’s on the inside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say there is no value in improving one’s appearance — after all, as a plastic surgeon in Toronto, that’s what I do. But I like to think that my goal is to help people look more like they feel on the inside: youthful, energetic, and ready to take on the Olympic challenges in their own lives.

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