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As cosmetic injections like BOTOX, Juvéderm and many others have become increasingly more mainstream, there’s been a tendency for the public to consider these like a commodity. But these treatments aren’t like purchasing eyeliner. They can achieve wonderful effects in the right hands and look downright weird when done wrong. A good initial consultation goes a long way to insuring you’ll receive treatment that improves your look, with natural results.

What Are Cosmetic Injections Used For?

Many people still think of injectable products only as treatment for lines and wrinkles, and a means to looking younger.  While treatments often do shave a few years off one’s appearance, a good consultation will focus more on looking beautiful at any age. For this reason, a good clinician will ask you about specific areas of your face you are concerned about, but will also try to determine your overall issue- are you feeling that you look tired? saggy? angry? worried? Often addressing these adjectives is more helpful in determining treatments than simply focusing on one line or wrinkle.

What to Look for in a Good Cosmetic Consultation

A good consultation will also involve a full-face assessment. Creating harmony and balance is key in cosmetic injection treatments. Just addressing your lips, for example, may not give you the best look. Faces that are attractive have good proportions. Changing the proportions of one feature without addressing the rest of the face can create unnatural and strange looking results.

A good consultation will include some analysis of complexion. Results of injections have been shown to be augmented when treatments aimed at enhancing skin tone and texture are also undertaken.

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