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woman choosing implant optionI often encourage my patients interested in getting breast implants in Toronto to look at lots of before-and-after pictures before their consultations so they can show me what they like and what they don’t. I’ve found this visual exercise to be extremely helpful, but now another imaging option is making things even easier: VECTRA® 3-D.

The VECTRA 3-D system gives women who are preparing for breast augmentation the ability to leap into the future and see what they will most likely look like after their surgeries. This technology uses a special 3-D camera, developed by Canfield imaging, to snap a series of photos from many different angles and perspectives. Once these images are captured, special software processes them to reveal a virtual 3-D image of the patient.

In the past, patients had to base their breast augmentation decisions on looking at others’ before-and-after pictures or trying on various sizers to try to judge their final results. Now, with a few clicks, I can rotate the virtual model to not only show my patient how she will look from different angles, but also how various sizes and shapes of implants will most likely look on her figure. This technology gives women the chance to evaluate their options and choose the look that best fits their personal goals.

The images provide a close approximation of the real results women can expect after surgery, which is probably why the majority of women who use VECTRA 3-D in selecting their implants report a high-level of satisfaction with their final results.

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