Toronto is a popular destination for entertainment, art, fine dining, and scenic beauty. But did you know that it’s also a top choice for people who want the best in aesthetic care?  You may be surprised by how many people travel great distances to have plastic surgery at our Toronto or Mississauga locations with Dr. Michael Weinberg. If you’re considering cosmetic enhancement, this post will discuss some of the reasons now is a great time to travel to Toronto for your procedure.

A Holiday Gift for Yourself

The holidays can be a great time to undergo a cosmetic procedure. The chilly weather makes it easier to hide bandages, compression garments, or swelling under jackets and scarves.  By the time summer rolls around, scars and swelling will have diminished and you’ll be ready to show some skin again. Winter is the perfect time to stay in and read or watch movies—which is precisely what you’ll want to do when recovering from surgery. Additionally, during the holidays, many people have time off work, so you won’t have to take as many day away from your job. If you don’t want your coworkers to know about your procedure, combining the holidays with a plastic surgery trip could be the perfect solution.

A Beautiful Vacation for Everyone

Toronto is a beautiful vacation destination in the winter. Because you’ll need your support team after surgery, this can be a great excuse to make a family trip out of your procedure. As the weather cools down, the city becomes a winter wonderland with plenty of activities for you and your family. You can relax during recovery as you take in the view of Lake Ontario, while your family can go skiing, ice skating, or sight-seeing. There are also plenty of gourmet restaurants and fabulous museums—both calm activities you can enjoy with your family as you recover. You may even spot a celebrity, as Toronto is a favorite location for filmmakers.

You Deserve the Best

Finding a highly qualified plastic surgeon that you trust is arguably the most important decision you’ll make related to your procedure. Maybe you live in an area that has a limited selection of surgeons, or maybe the surgeons in your area don’t have the experience or qualifications that you are looking for.

Dr. Michael Weinberg is the Division Head of Plastic Surgery at Trillium Health Centre–one of the largest teaching hospitals in Ontario. He also trains future plastic surgeons at the University of Toronto Medical School. He is known as a leader in the field, and is regularly consulted by the media and industry organizations and publications as an authority in plastic surgery. In addition to unmatched credentials, Dr. Weinberg’s quality of patient care and results has established him as one of the most in-demand plastic surgeons in the area.

We Make It Easy

Whether you are driving or flying, the Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic and Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic are both conveniently located, only a few minutes off the Queen Elizabeth Highway. If flying, the Mississauga clinic is only 15 minutes from Pearson International Airport. The Toronto location is about 30 minutes from the airport, and is steps from the most upscale shops, restaurants, and hotels in the city, in the charming Yorkville area.

We are happy to assist you not only in scheduling your appointments and surgery, but also your travel accommodations. We can help with directions, airline reservations, hotel bookings, restaurant recommendations, and other activity ideas in Toronto. We can also plan a relaxing appointment at our medical spa for you while you are here. Leave all the heavy lifting to us; we want you to relax and enjoy your stay here in Toronto.

For more information, visit our Out of Town Patients page. If you are interested in scheduling a procedure here in Toronto request an appointment online or call our office at (905) 273-3045 (Mississauga) or (416) 207-9090 (Toronto).

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