Dr. Michael Weinberg, a plastic surgeon in Toronto, shares popular procedures for spring

As a plastic surgeon in Toronto, I’ve learned that my services often see a cycle of popularity related to the seasons. The transition from winter to spring is the ideal time to undergo plastic surgery because we’re still bundled up but looking forward to warmer days. Here, I’ve rounded up 3 procedures that see a big uptick during these months.

  • Intense pulsed light (IPL): In a recent newsletter, I mentioned that certain skincare treatments, such as IPL, are well-suited to winter. That’s because, after many types of light and energy treatments, including IPL, excessive UV exposure is best avoided. The spring is still a good time to try such a treatment as rain clouds keep us indoors and out of the sun. That’s no reason to skip the sunscreen, though! Keep applying every day, whether you’ve had IPL or not.
  • LipoSonix®, CoolSculpting®, and other non-surgical fat reduction treatments: These options are quite effective at reducing bulges and bumps without surgery, but their results can take some time to develop. We typically tell patients to expect to see their results fully developed about 8 to 12 weeks after the procedure. For those undergoing a fat reduction treatment now, this timeline coincides perfectly with the emergence of warmer weather, ensuring they have the confidence they need to transition from long pants and heavy jackets to tank tops, sundresses, and swimsuits.
  • Breast augmentation: Although it’s popular all year long, women who undergo breast augmentation at this time of year have the distinct advantage of being able to conceal their dressings and surgical bras beneath sweaters and jackets. For several weeks after a woman undergoes breast augmentation, her breasts may also appear high and tight on her chest. Although this effect is a completely normal part of the healing process, it can take a couple of months to fade. That’s plenty of time to heal by swimsuit season if patients start soon!

If you’re interested in any of these treatments — or other procedures that will have you feeling great about your body come summer — now is the time to let us know! Contact us today to start planning.

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