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LATISSE Is finally due to land in Canada! If you haven’t heard of LATISSE, here is the scoop. It is a topical medication that grows longer, thicker, darker eyelashes. It is thought to do this by prolonging the anagen ( growth) phase of the lashes. It is the first prescription medication officially approved for this purpose by the FDA and Health Canada, and is due to be available here in Canada in Nov 2010. The active ingredient is a compound used for the treatment of an eye condition called glaucoma. When researchers realized that patients treated with the medication intraocularly (ie in the eyedrops) were developing longer thicker eyelashes they knew they were on to something. The medication has been reformulated to be applied on the skin at the base of the upper lashes, once a day. It acts gradually over many weeks and has been shown in clinical studies to successfully increase the length , thickness and darkness of lashes in the vast majority of patients studied.

LATISSE has been shown to be safe. In a small percentage of patients side effects such as redness, itching, or eye or lid irritation were reported (in about 4% of patients). There is also the possibility of increased pigmentation of the upper lid in a small percentage of patients, that resolves in most cases after discontinuation of the drug. While there have not been cases of pigment ( color) changes in the iris of the eye itself using Latisse, the same medication used in the eye for treatment of glaucoma has on occasion caused eye color darkening that may not be reversible.
LATISSE can be used in most individuals and is perfect for those with thin, short or light eyelashes. However, it cannot be used in patients with certain eye conditions such as in those with glaucoma on treatment. It takes a number of weeks to see results. Some patients will report results within 4 weeks of starting treatment, with maximal results requiring 16 weeks of treatment.
LATISSE is a prescription medication that will be available through pharmacies and also at selective cosmetic medical clinics . It is advisable to see a physician with expertise and knowledge in the use of this revolutionary treatment, to receive a proper evaluation as to whether you are a good candidate for the medication, and to receive appropriate instruction on it’s use.

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