Brampton plastic surgeon shares secrets to healthy skin.

At our Mississauga cosmetic surgery practice we like to provide our patients with the best skin care products, and with that comes educating them about skin health.

Both amino acids and peptides are molecules that can have an impact on your skin. Amino acids are small molecules which are the building blocks of proteins. Chains of amino acids connected to one another are called peptides. Amino Acids exist in the upper layers of the skin and contribute to the natural ability of skin to hold moisture. Peptides are molecules with complex roles in many biochemical processes. They frequently function as messengers, signaling certain functions within cells to start or stop. Long chains of peptides are called proteins, and proteins can function as structural components within the skin, e.g. building collagen and elastin, as enzymes, which catalyze, i.e. cause, critical chemical reactions, as receptors for other important molecules, and as transporters carrying other vital molecules to targeted cells.

Oxidation is a process by which molecules called free radicals damage cells. It is well established that oxidation is a significant cause of skin aging and is increased with exposure to UV radiation. Certain peptides have been found to protect skin cells from the effects of oxidation. Some have also been shown to stimulate wound healing and regeneration, and increase collagen deposition, and others have been demonstrated to have effects on melanin production in the skin (melanin is the pigment in our skin), and thus have benefit in evening skin tone and “whitening” the skin, i.e. reducing brown spots and discoloration.

These are all the reasons why most skin care doctors now recommend the use of at least one product containing peptides to help improve the appearance of sun-damaged and aged skin. Studies of Advanced DNA Repair serum by derma glow have shown improvement at a cellular level, demonstrating a reduction in many of the markers used to measure cell damage, and they have shown clinical results, with a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, and age spots, and improved skin texture and firmness. Many doctors have likened the improvements to those seen with Retin A. The repair serum can be used in combination with Retin-A, Vitamin C, and most other skin care products, and is an excellent adjunct to everyone’s beauty routine.

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