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Which Ones are Often Ignored, But Can Give Your Eyes That Something Extra?

  •  BOTOX, Xeominmany manufacturers have great products that all treat dynamic lines the same way, by stopping the muscles around your eyes from folding the skin. Great for prevention too- if you get BOTOX or Xeomin regularly, your crow’s feet lines won’t get as deep over the years!
  • Good Skincare, Sunscreenkeep the lines away by making sure the skin around your eyes is well hydrated, that collagen keeps getting manufactured by your cells, and that your skin is protected from harmful UV radiation.
  • Skin Booster Injectionsmany people don’t know that some fillers do a great job improving skin quality, providing an instant fix for deep crow’s feet lines. Certain Hyaluronic acid fillers are thin enough to look good while functioning as an “internal moisturizer” attracting water to the area to plump up and smooth.
  • Under Eye Hollow FillerSo called “tear trough” injections can vastly improve dark hollows and can sometimes hide eye bags.
  • Microneedling & the “Kardashian Facelift”- Microneedling is a great way to improve skin quality over the whole face, especially in the eye area when combined with components from your own blood called platelets (this is frequently called the Vampire Lift or Kardashian Facelift).
  • Skin Tightening with Ultherapy- a new and exciting way to improve the skin around our eyes, lifting lax eyelids and smoothing without surgery. Ultherapy is a device that uses radiofrequency energy to target tissue beneath the skin, which then tightens while collagen is laid down during healing. Comfortable, no downtime and affordable!
  • Latisse Eye Lash Lengtheningthis is the eye area enhancer that people often forget about. As we age our lashes become thinner and shorter. Even many young women suffer from thin “barely there” lashes- Latisse is a topical medication that affects the growth phase of the eye lash follicle to ensure your lashes grow longer, thicker and darker.

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