Questions We Often Get Asked About Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation is one of the leading procedures at our clinic. Many women come with specific questions that are often not addressed in routine online information of Breast Augmentation surgery. Here are answers to a few of the questions we hear.

  1. Will my breasts feel natural?

As with any cosmetic procedure, it may take a little while after surgery for breast implants to feel “ like you”. However, most patient eventually feel that their breast implants are just part of them. Thus can happen more quickly in patients who have silicone implants, as they have a soft consistency more similar to natural breast tissue than saline. Patients who have implants placed over rather than under the muscle may also more quickly feel natural, as placement under the muscle does require some stretching of the muscular tissue which can initially feel tight .

  1. What About Scars?

As with any procedure incisions will heal over time, with some scarring. If you are someone who typically heals well, without Keloid or heaped up scars, then you can expect your scars after surgery to eventually be fine white lines. Dr. Weinberg will recommend topical treatments to use on your skin post surgery, that will help promote rapid healing and reduce redness. If redness is persistent, then Dr. Weinberg will recommend laser treatment to further minimize scar appearance. He also carefully locates his incisions in places where scars will be barely visible if at all, such as under the breast in a skin fold, of around the nipple.

If you are someone who is prone to keloid scarring , then the potential for more visible scars is of course an issue, However, there are treatments that can help reduce keloid formation, which Dr. Weinberg can advise you of at the time of surgery

  1. Why Do I need A Breast Lift- I Only Wanted Implants?

Unfortunately, some patients who see Dr. Weinberg in consultation for breast surgery attend thinking they just need implants and are disappointed to learn that he advises a lift. Implants will increase breast size, but they will not cause the breasts to sit higher on the chest, and they do not solve the issue of sagging skin. If a patient has sagging , low sitting breasts, where both breast skin and breast ligaments have been stretched, usually due to pregnancy and breast feeding, breast implants alone will not give the breast an improved appearance, and in fact could look worse. In these cases, a breast Lift is necessary.

  1. Can I have a Mammogram After Breast Implants?

The short answer is yes, mammograms can and should be done in keeping with recommended guidelines in women who have had breast implants jut as in those without. However, it is true that breast tissue will be more difficult to see with a scan when a breast implant is present. A good technician will know how to move the implant out of the way to see the breast well. It is also easier to see breast tissue when an implant is under rather than over the muscle in some cases.

  1. Are bags of rice really the best way to see what implants will look like on me?

It is true that this is one way to get an idea of what implants will look like, but there is a much better way to visualize what your chest will look like with specific implant sizes and shapes. The 3D VECTRA is a special kind of imaging that creates a highly accurate image of your own torso with different implants. It takes only a few minutes to do, and is part of our Breast Augmentation consultation Process.

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