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Have you ever wondered how your favorite fitness gurus look so flawless? Despite the fact that they’ve had children or say they “used to be fat,” they still seem impossibly contoured and toned, like they’ve never eaten a cookie in their lives. Well, you’re not the only one who’s suspicious.

The truth is, diet and exercise might not be enough. Oftentimes, trainers opt for a little something more. New York magazine shared the real truth behind some their secrets: liposuction.

A common misconception is that liposuction is a procedure for overweight people trying to reduce significant amounts of fat. But really, it is used to reduce fat from smaller areas that just won’t improve, despite dedicated diet and exercise.

As technology in plastic surgery advances, procedures such as liposuction have become less invasive and can target specific areas with greater ease than ever before. Because of this, there is less downtime and scarring, and results are better. As discussed in the article, “Doctors say trainers are among the best candidates for liposuction — since usually they have good cardiovascular health, need the least fat extraction, and recover most quickly. And plastic surgeons love them as clients since they’re the most likely to maintain their bodies.”

As trainers’ secrets come to light, I’m seeing more patients willing to seek out a little help from a plastic surgeon. My liposuction patients at my Mississauga practice aren’t looking to lose significant amounts of fat. They merely want to enhance their contours and reduce those small, pesky pockets of fat that won’t seem to budge without my help.

If you are one of the many people who has been working hard to reduce fat and slim down specific trouble spots but still aren’t seeing results, we can help. Contact us today to see if you are a candidate for liposuction.

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