A look at the chemical peels offered at our Mississauga cosmetic surgery practice.

Like IPL, peels can render the skin sensitive to UV light, so the winter is a great time to have a peel. The main benefit of peels:

  1. They exfoliate, meaning they strip away some of the dead outer layers of the skin that give our complexion a dull look, to expose fresher, new skin beneath. Some pigment and brown spots that sit in the superficial layers of skin can also be removed with exfoliation.
  2. Periodic repeated deep exfoliation is also beneficial to the skin in that it is thought to stimulate the fibroblasts or skin cells to produce collagen and elastin that help our skin remain taut, thick, supple and elastic.

Peels are “chemical exfoliation” whereas treatments like microdermabrasion are referred to as “mechanical exfoliation”. There are advantages to each. In the case of chemical exfoliation with peels, the specific compounds in the peel can also have additional benefits to the skin, such as in reducing sebum production in acne, reducing inflammation and therefore redness or irritation, or improving hydration and light reflectiveness of skin.

Two fabulous new peels available at MCSC are the Vivier® Peel, and its potent cousin, the Skin TX® Jessner Plus Peel by Vivier.

The Vivier Peel – This is the perfect pick-me-up for tired, lackluster winter skin. Whether your concern is age spots, dryness, acne or redness and irritation, this unique blend of pharmaceutical acids will improve your skin condition and give you a gorgeous glow. Treatment is soothing and relaxing without discomfort and there is no downtime. Have a special occasion coming up? The Vivier Peel will help you look your best.

The Skin TX Jessner Plus Peel by Vivier – For a deeper exfoliation and more dramatic results try the Jessner Peel from Vivier. Jessner peels have been around for a long time and involve a combination of Resorcinol, Lactic, and Salicylic acid. Vivier has added designer peptides, growth factors, anti-inflammatories and hydrators in a self-neutralizing formulation that ensures safety while providing improved effectiveness. Great for Melasma and other forms of hyperpigmentation as well as improving fine lines, reducing pore size and acne, and giving a tauter skin appearance, the Jessner Peel is one of the most successful peels on the market. Our feedback on this fabulous peel has been amazing. For even greater effectiveness, Retinol can be added to the Jessner TX. We’ve been looking long and hard for a peel to replace the VI Peel® (also called the Perfect Peel), which is unfortunately no longer available in Canada, and we finally think we’ve found it!!

If you’ve been looking in vain for the VI Peel in Canada, come in and try the new Skin TX Jessner with Retinol!

For more information on Peels, call (905) 273-3045 to book a consultation.

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