Most of you out there are familiar with Botox and what it can do. You’re already aware that it can soften lines and wrinkles by preventing muscles from contracting. However, there are some questions even experienced patients ask, so we thought we’d address them here.

Why do some people look so “ Fake” after getting Botox?

Our clientele ask to look natural. Many of our first time injection patients have postponed getting Botox out of fear of looking like celebrities or people they know who look “ done”. In our experience, the commonest thing that makes people look over done or unnatural after Botox is a brow that sits too high or is too peaked. This is a common error made by inexperienced injectors, and poorly informed patients. Patients are often aware that their brow has descended with age, and they come wanting their brow to sit higher. However, an experienced injector will try to inject in such a way that the brow elevates, but not so much that it looks fake.

Why Can’t Botox Get Rid of all my Horizontal Forehead lines?

While small amounts of Botox in the forehead can improve forehead lines, the amount that might be required to really make those lines disappear would likely be too much because it would cause one’s brow to droop. Just as people do not want a brow that sits too high, equally they do not want to have a brow that droops.

Can You Use Botox to Get Rid of the Fine Lines On My Cheeks and Lower face?

For the most part Botox works well to get rid of lines in the upper face, ie the frown lines and crows feet. Remember, it works by decreasing muscle movement. That is why it is used much less in the region of cheeks or lower face, and only for very specific purposes. If we weaken muscles of function, such as those that help us smile, or speak or chew, that would not be good. Some of the specific indications for Botox in the lower part of the face include treatment to reduce a gummy smile, to correct a down turned mouth, or to reduce dimpling in the chin or enlargement of the masseter muscles, ie to round out a square face. For fine lines, it can be used in very tiny dilute quantities very superficially, which is called “ intradermal injection”. These are all specialized uses of Botox that would not likely be well done by inexperienced injectors at spas.

If I Stop Getting Botox, Will my Wrinkles Be Worse Than Before I Started?

The simple short answer is NO!   If you stop getting treated with Botox, your wrinkles will never be worse than if you had never had Botox. Lines and wrinkles I certain parts of the face such as in the frown line or crows feet areas form because the skin is folded repeatedly by muscles. When you get Botox repeatedly the muscles do not fold the skin, so lines soften. When you stop getting Botox the muscle’s folding ability comes back, and so the lines slowly return just as they would have had you not received Botox in the first place. But the lines will never be worsened by having had Botox injections.

Am I Too Young For Botox Injection- Do I really Need it Yet?

We always respond to this question by pointing out that none of us “need” Botox. Getting Botox injections is just a choice one makes for your beauty routine, just as you might choose to use a specific moisturizer, or to have a facial or microdermabrasion. Because it prevents lines from forming, and prevents them from getting deeper when used regularly, there is no specific age at which one should or should not use Botox. People develop lines and wrinkles in certain places at very different ages depending on genetics, and lifestyle. Even some young people start getting forehead lines or so called “ smoker’s” lines in their 20s and 30s if they have had a lot of sun or smoke. The time to start getting injections is up to how you feel about your appearance. It’s a case of personal choice.

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