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Have you ever caught a glimpse of your profile in the mirror and thought “I hate my chin” or “I hate my neck”. Do you avoid photos from the side? Those lovely models in the magazines with the swan-like necks and beautifully contoured jaws are the envy of us all, but now there’s hope for the rest of us.

While it’s true that the jaw and neck are a challenging area in cosmetic medicine, combination therapies are proving very helpful in improving the lower face in those of us not perfectly genetically endowed.  With the introduction of BELKYRA, we now have the first ever injectable product that reduces fat under the chin. We’ve now got several months experience with this injectable, and new and novel approaches combining it together with other treatments such as fillers and BOTOX are yielding some great results. Augmentation of the chin, for example, together with a reduction in fat beneath the chin can really make for a WOW improvement in one’s appearance! Application of filler along the jaw, in the marionette area, and in the pre-jowl or post jowl region in addition to BELKYRA can also give a fantastic look. And BOTOX for neck bands, or to reverse the downturned mouth is another thing that works well along with submental fat reduction.

The other thing we’ve learned is that patient’s who tend to have best results are younger, with less fat to start with. While BELKYRA does help reduce large fat collections under the chin in the more mature face, best results are probably seen when it is used to zap small collections of fat in the 20 to 40-year-old face. Left untreated, those pockets are just going to get larger, heavier, and looser with age, whereas getting rid of them early will tend to give a better jaw profile for years to come, and may prevent some of the “waddle” of later life.

If you’re interested in contouring your jaw for that top model look, come in and speak to us! Book your consultation at (905) 273-3045 in Mississauga or (416) 207-9090 in Toronto.

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