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Dr. Weinberg has been busy again this month, attending the annual Breast Symposium in Toronto in April, and the Valeant conference in Montreal in May, where he discussed the latest Obagi® products, and some other exciting new offerings from Valeant, including a topical fat burning cream for the body by Pro-Derm™, an eye cream by Premiology that has been shown to actually lift the eyelid in several scientific papers, and a fabulous powder sunscreen, perfect for all of you who don’t like sticky, shiny UV protection! All of these great products are on our shelves now, so come in and sample them before we’re out of stock!

Dr. Weinberg also arranged an excellent evening for the University of Toronto senior plastic surgery residents on communication skills, and Dr. Schiffer attended the University of Toronto Movement Disorder Symposium, for some excellent learning in the field of neurology. While there, she chatted with our Botox® Therapeutic Rep, who offers us educational support to us and our patients who suffer from Migraine, and movement disorders like hemifacial spasm and blepharospasm. Did you know that Botox for Migraine is now on ODB?

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