Toronto plastic surgeon shares 4 areas where liposuction makes a big impact.

My liposuction patients in Toronto and Mississauga love the incredible results the procedure can create on areas such as the abdomen, thighs, back, and more. Indeed, many people associate the procedure with these larger areas of stubborn fat, but today’s methods also allow doctors to access smaller, more targeted areas of fat for a streamlined final result. Tending to these small details can make a big difference, whether they’re performed on their own or as part of a larger transformation.

Chin and Jaw Liposuction for a Double Chin

Jowls, a double chin, and loose, sagging skin in this area can form early, making some people look prematurely aged. Liposuction in this area can create a sleeker, younger-looking profile that looks great at any angle.

Liposuction for the Upper Arms

The fat in this part of the body can often be resistant to diet and exercise, and “bat wings” are frustrating to patients of all shapes and sizes. Liposuction of the upper arms removes this excess fat for a more toned look. If sagging upper arms are due to both fat and skin, however, an upper arm lift that surgically removes fat and skin may be more appropriate.

For patients who have excess skin on their upper arms, I usually recommend an arm lift to remove the sagging, loose skin that liposuction does not address.

Male Breast Reduction with Liposuction

Gynecomastia is a relatively common condition that causes the growth of excess breast tissue in men. Although it can be difficult to talk about, many men find relief through a simple outpatient liposuction procedure. Bandages can be concealed under clothing, and downtime is minimal. The result is a flat, masculine chest contour.

Men who have excess breast tissue as well as fat may benefit from male breast reduction surgery in addition to liposuction of the chest.

Removing Excess Fat from the Inner Knees

Yes, even the appearance of the knees can be affected by small fat deposits, making them look sagging and wrinkled. The knees respond very well to liposuction, and patients who have had the procedure say they feel confident in shorts and skirts. 

Take the Next Step

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