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“Smoker’s lines” is a commonly known phrase in the aesthetic industry, and some people who come into my office have heard that drinking through a straw can leave their lips wrinkled. But there’s a new culprit on the scene: “water bottle lips.”

As a plastic surgeon serving Toronto and Mississauga, I hear lots of aesthetic complaints from my patients. Most are legitimate, but some are a little offbeat. Though “water bottle lips” sounds silly, there’s a sizable amount of evidence to back it. Wrinkles are caused by several different factors, including sun damage. But repetitive movements, such as smoking, squinting, and yes, even pursing your lips to drink out of a water bottle, can contribute to the development of lines.

Of course, this shouldn’t deter you from drinking water. The benefits that water provides for our skin and overall health are countless, and there’s no evidence that water itself gives you wrinkles — just its mode of delivery. To prevent the repetitive motion that causes wrinkles, I recommend drinking out of a reusable, wide-mouthed bottle or a glass whenever possible.

If you’re already seeing the effects of years of water bottle usage, products such as BOTOX COSMETIC® can reduce contraction of the muscles that cause these wrinkles, diminishing their appearance. There’s even some evidence that these products can permanently lessen wrinkles when used over time, as they effectively allow facial muscles to take a break.

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