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Male Cosmetic Procedures

Numerous media sources have commented recently on the increase in numbers of men seeking cosmetic medical procedures. This may be because gender stereotypes are finally being overcome. It’s also likely due to the increase number of “boomers”, male and female alike, who have discovered they want to age well , looking and feeling good regardless of their years. Women are also taking more of an interest in their male partners appearance , and many of our male patients have been encouraged to come see us by their younger female partners. Some men say they want to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive workforce that values youth. And many men are only now becoming educated as to what cosmetic options are available.
Common male medical procedures at our clinic include injectable products like Botox and Hyaluronic Acid filler like Restylane , Perlane and Juvederm (see mississaugacosmeticsurgeryclinci.com/index.php/main/non-surgical-procedures.html) as well as surgical procedures including Tummy Tuck , and liposuction, all of which are becoming more common choices for men. One of the commonest male cosmetic surgeries is Gynecomastia surgery. Traditionally men with excessive breast tissue suffered embarrassment in silence. Dr. Weinberg of  Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic and The Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic, wants to get the word out that these individuals need not keep their shirts on forever. Gynecomastia surgery is an effective and safe procedure that gets rid of excessive male breast tissue permanently.

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