MCSC Christmas Newsletter 2017

Merry Christmas to all our beautiful clientele! We wish you a season of family fun, togetherness, and Joy. And of course, looking gorgeous at all your holiday festivities! If you’re traveling for the holidays, don’t forget your sunscreen. We have the best selection possible of sunscreens for every skin type, non goopey, no sheen and great for wearing under make up so come in and see our medical aesthetician Suzanne for some advice.

And, if you’re looking for that perfect last minute gift, why not purchase the gift of gorgeous with an MCSC gift certificate. Your friends and family will be delighted- AND, you get gifted yourself- for every $200 certificate you purchase for someone you love, you get $25 to spend at MCSC on yourself!

Also on now, our Festive Photofacial special- see the add at the end of this newsletter for details.

What is IPL Photofacial, and what can it Do?

IPL is a light therapy, similar to a laser treatment. It has long been considered useful to treat brown spots, pigment, melasma, and age spots. Other uses are to reduce acne breakouts and breakouts as well as broken and dilated blood vessels associated with Rosacea. It is also used with success on stretch marks, especially if pigmented.

Are there other uses for IPL?

Yes, the thinking of many skin specialists now is that IPL is a good basic anti-aging treatment, that stimulates collagen deposition. As such, it has a preventative effect, slowing the development of laxity and fine lines, and improving the appearance of pores. Whereas IPL used to be used in patients 40 and up, these days physicians are recommending IPL in patients in their 20s and 30s as well, to prevent age-related changes before they’re severe.

Is IPL painful?

For most patients, IPL is not painful. It feels a bit like someone snapping an elastic band against the skin- minorly uncomfortable but not to the degree that it’s sore.

Are there any specific Instructions For IPL

To have an IPL, you cannot have a tan, and you must stay away from sun exposure and wear sunscreen faithfully afterward. IPL is only suitable for patients with light skin.

Is there any Downtime with IPL

Patients can return to regular activities right away and can wear cosmetics. Immediately after treatment, your skin may e a bit pink temporarily. For most people, this settles quickly. You may notice pigmented areas are initially darker, or may form a fine speckling, like sand on the skin. This will then fade over the following week or two, and the skin will look smoother, with less pigment.

How Many IPL treatments are Required?

Initially, you should plan on at least 3 treatments spaced anywhere from two weeks to two months apart. Depending on the degree of pigment, anywhere from 3 to 6 treatments may be required for optimal results. After that, maintenance with a couple of treatments yearly is advised.

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