The 2 most common misconceptions about breast implants debunked by Toronto plastic surgeon, Dr. Weinberg.

When women visit me for breast implants at my Toronto-area practice, they often come in with a few concerns and misconceptions about the surgery. Although I occasionally hear an intriguing outlier, most of the misconceptions are pretty common.

In a September interview published in Elevate, a beauty and wellness magazine, one of my patients, Ana, discusses her reservations, and I discuss the surgical process.

Although Ana’s concerns ended up being unfounded, they reflected some of the most common misconceptions I hear in my office every day. Here are the top 2:

  1. Misconception: A bigger implant is better. Some people tend to think that they want really large breast implants when considering breast augmentation in Toronto – until we talk about all the factors involved. During the consultation and pre-op appointments, I evaluate many elements of a woman’s body — including her height, weight, and body proportions — to ensure that her implants compliment her frame. Oversized breast implants can cause undue stress on the tissues and natural support structures of the breast, causing early sagging and other concerns. Choosing an appropriately sized implant doesn’t only look good in the short term; it also keeps your breasts healthy for years. I use VECTRA® 3-D imaging to show patients how they might look with different sizes of implants, and they are frequently surprised to see that a smaller sized implant, sometimes one with more projection can actually give them the more voluptuous look they want, but in a healthier way with a better result long-term.
  2. Misconception: Recovery is difficult. Recuperation following breast augmentation is actually faster and more comfortable than many people realize. Today’s medical advancements allow for smaller, more precise incisions, as well as more effective anesthesia for an experience that’s easier and less-time consuming both in and out of the operating room. Many patients are up and around the night of surgery and back to office jobs in less than a week.

Have you heard any other common misconceptions about breast augmentation? Leave us a comment below.

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